Saturday, May 30, 2009

And baby makes 5

Life is what happens while you are waiting for your goals to come about.
Grandchild #5. Baby Emrie Rose-Lanae Tovey born May 27, 2009 5:31pm

All are doing well and we are SO glad Lindsay FINALLY has a Girl!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Favorite time of the year!

Seems that every two or three months one finds themselves calling it their 'Favorite time of year'. Fall with the changing leaves, Winter with it's crisp snows. Spring with Blooming Flowers, and Summer with, well, come on. It's Summer.

But this is truly one of my favorite times of the year. Yes, weather is improving. Yes, Birds are abundant, flowers flowering, grass growing, etc... And yes, we no longer need the furnace. But this is a favorite time of the year for another reason.

Here is a picture from our deck at 10:00pm (2200). It is almost like a switch, but starting NOW I can watch the sunset, and then watch the setted sun. See, this is the time when we can see the sun setting and then see it continue its path after it has set. At Lo 45N we do not get the Midnight Sun, but we do get to see the effect over the horizon. Over the next couple of weeks I get so excited as the 'after glow' is visible for upwards to an hour after sunset. ----- It is a magical time ----- Then June 21st (give or take 12 hours) comes, and it all starts to go away.

Well, for the next three weeks I will be like an excited kid at Sun Set. Watching not only the Sun Set, but also the after glow as it makes its way north. My Favorite time of year!

And for those who care (or are taking JN), that is Capella at the top of the photo.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Generators, Drop boards, and Hatches, Oh My...

Ok, so over the past few weeks I have been working on several projects at the same time. Thought I would post a few photos, and yes: There is still a bit more to do to even get to the 'Camping with Comfort' stage :-(

I cleaned up the Kubota and fabbed the platform. Through a combination of Ebay and local scrap purchases I was able to cut out all the parts needed for the generator platform. A local welder (Randy/Gredvig Fabrication 503-642-2336) welded it all up for a very reasonable price. Here you can see most of the major parts placed where they will belong.

I also (Oh, the pain) purchased a NEW clutch assembly for the CAT pump. Cost almost as much as the motor, and more than 7x what I paid for the pump!
But now that time is short I am having to shift my focus on that old 'triangle': Optimize any two: Cost, Time, Quality. To date: Cost and Quality have been the driver, well, now Time is replacing Cost...

Over the next couple of weeks I should be able to start assembling the generator, and I am sure additional 'costs' will come into play as I discover that "one more" needed small part :-)

We have a rear hatch on Viking Star leading into the aft state room. On many such boats this hatch is a couple of nicely varnished swinging doors to allow for easy access from the aft stateroom to the aft deck. I am going a different route. Borrowing the Drop Board idea from Sail boards, I am installing three drop boards. Reason?

1) We are unlikely to use this access except for emergency egress: The bottom of the hatch is a bit over waist level when standing in the aft stateroom.

2) Drop boards will be stronger in the case of following seas. Maybe even keep the rain out a bit better.

3) We can remove a part of them for ventilation. Even have some idea of being able to replace the lowest one with a small window AC!

Here is a photo of the drop boards being glued up. Notice the creative approach to clamping. Seems more than 90% of my clamps are at the boat. (Another story, one where sentences often end with "... it's at the boat".)
The drop boards consist of 3/4" ply with Mahogany trim on the top and bottom edges. I will be painting these white, though might skin and bright finish the insides. Will see.

One of the known issues with Viking Star when I purchased her was that the Lazaret framing needed to be replaced. So, have crafted new framing out of 5x8 Doug Fir stock. Here is a photo towards the end.

I also added a couple of cross frames near the outside edges. These will be used to install a couple of aft cleats (which for some reason never existed???)

So, that is all. Been doing lots of misc stiff. Still need to finish plumbing the heating systems, fit out the Propane Locker. Oh, Galley needs new counter tops and painting inside. Install the propane cook top. Anchor platform designed, built, and installed. Aft cabin cabinets and bed needs to be built. Plus there is the cork sole to put down. SSB installed, . . . Wow, so much to do... Oh My.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It seems like seven years....

REALLY?!!? It's been seven years? Seems so. A few wrinkles, a bit plumper, and a lot more grey hair, but we still love each other.
Happy Anniversary to us!