Friday, August 28, 2015

Maintenance Cruise

After we dropped Madalyn off in Olympia, we provisioned and hightailed it to Oro Bay.

Meet Bronson, acquired at the Dancing Goats coffee shop.  They use Batdorf and Bronson Coffee.

It was time to wrap up the boat projects that became bigger than we thought they would when started. We intended to just take a few days, but ended up staying for an entire week, mixing in plenty of relaxation in the perfect weather.  We never got off the boat.

Re-applying the rain gutter on the brow
Notice the ferry in the background.  We wrote about her in a previous post: 

That's quite a gap to putty in, after removing the rot.

Mixing the fairing compound

It looks like frosting!

Not perfect, but a coat of paint seals it up before we start getting significant rains.

The definition of 'cruising':  Fixing your boat in exotic locations.  The day after we pulled in to Oro Bay another boat came and anchored nearby and commenced working on their bright work.  I guess it wasn't an original idea.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Madalyn's Visit

We have just ended a month of non-stop company!  We had grandson Troy with us for a week, then Michael came to help Al with the haulout and to cruise for a week, while I had two weeks visiting in Hillsboro.  

And then I brought Miss Madalyn back with me for her first solo trip on the boat.  She is a very photogenic girl, so buckle up for a lot of pictures!

On the way back to the boat from dinner at Tugboat Annie's, we stop to take a picture of Viking Star lined up perfectly below Mt. Rainier in it's alpenglow.

Madalyn is oufitted for her Puget Sound safari.

This girl loves hats!  

Using her DS to take pictures for Mom and Dad.

Al and I agree this is one of the favorite shots from the week.

Even though she had the v-berth for her very own room, she chose to sleep on the couch.  She likes the LED lights in the kitchen for a night light.  She also can sleep through a LOT -- she has two little brothers at home.

She is anxious to explore Eagle Island.  We take the dinghy all the way around -- we have the place all to ourselves!  Al has done some research and it said clams may be found on the south end, but we had no luck.  Madalyn commences the usual kid activity on a beach -- throwing rocks.

Then she is ready to try the swing we could see from the boat.  This shot is a little blurry, but you can't mistake her delight in soaring STRAIGHT for Grammie!


She helped Grammie make the first salad of the week, but made the rest of them all on her own.  

When the tide has turned to a flood, we cut through Pitt Passage and take a mooring buoy on the east side of Penrose Point.  Cookies and milk are a very good sunset treat.

Then we watch the 'blue moon' rise.

Clamming at McMicken Island.  It took a few tries to hit the jackpot.  Madalyn doesn't mind sifting through the mud.

She measured EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Even though she ate two clams on her last visit here with her parents, and liked them, she changed her mind this time.  Al ate the bucketful all by himself.

She liked working on the boat and helping Papa.

Power tools!

Minnie Mouse hands?

Side by side

She left fresh footprints on the boat, and in our hearts.

Heading back to Olympia, she wanted to drive the boat.  Al talked to her about the compass and told her to steer a course of 145 PSC.

Per Ship's Compass

She did such a good job, he left the cabin to do a chore on the bow.

Usually we spend the night at Hope Island before going in to Olympia, but Madalyn wanted to take a walk, and go to coffee the next morning before her Mom arrived.  So we went ahead to the Port Plaza dock that we have usually used this summer.  And we walked to the park.

And we climbed the tower.  She is quiet, thinking about her last night with us.

And Madalyn has a picture with the Capitol Building, where her great-grandmother worked once upon a time.

Coffee, next morning. Remember, she's slow to wake up.  AND Grammie's taking ANOTHER picture.  

Mama's here!