Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ugly Ass Boat

I remember hearing that the reason Drugs were so popular, and a continued scorn on society, is that they work.

In the like sense, Inflatable 'boats' are everywhere. Ugly ass boats that work.

Viking Star came with this Minto - and given the age of Viking Star, this is likely an original.

But, well, it just is not big enough. Or more correctly, we are too big. And that started the search for a new dinghy. We looked at a wide range - inflatables, a roto molded Portland Pudgy, adding Dinghy Dogs to the Minto - or even just tying fenders around it. But in the end we found a good deal on this UAB.

(Ugly Ass Boat)

It will be dryer, carry more weight, allow us to even bring a guest or two. It will row for crap, and well. It is ugly.

But in the end, one does need to be practical. (Though noted: the prior owners of Viking Star had two dinghies, the Minto and a UAB on the stern).

Oh Well. Maybe I will get to that. But until then - I am sorry Viking Star and her Minto. You made such a handsome couple.

Monday, December 28, 2009

End of the season – time to Get Busy!

Here we are. Christmas is over, the New Year is close. Rose Bowl is Thursday! (Quack) It is this time of year that I typically start the Big Messy Projects. Like the time I took most of the main cabin roof off to replace rotten plywood. Or when I did the same to the aft cabin. Or, that one year (Kristi will remember) when I just started about 5 medium large projects all at once. In each case two things are true:

  1. It is COLD out there.
  2. The boat becomes totally disabled due to the mess…

This year will be a bit different. I only have one major project to finish (anchor platform), and several smaller ones to finish. Well, looking at 1 and 2 above, maybe this year will not be all that different J

We are in the Short Strokes. Kristi reminded me that we are ½ way through our ‘6 months in the apartment’. So, guess the bottom line is: Need to get busy. What is on board for this week?

  • Wash the boat and cleanup from Christmas Ships
  • Tuesday bring over a RIB we are looking to buy and see if it fits on the boat well.
  • Travel to Seattle Wednesday to pick up the ‘real’ house batteries – these might live in the Pickup for a couple of weeks till I can roust up a couple of friends to help move them into the boat.
  • Service the motor: Oil, Coolant, Filters all need changing.
  • Order the Formica as well as a new kitchen sink.
  • Start framing in for the aft cabin sink.
  • Sand and paint the forward cutouts for portholes (now that it is above 35 outside.) Then can install the portholes.

And I am sure many other projects as time goes on. Well, it’s almost 9:00am, guess better get busy!

* Post-script from Kristi: For you non-boaters, a RIB is a Rigid Inflatable Boat, further translated 'dinghy'.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Only in the PNW...

OK, I grew up in Oregon. Web toes, moss on the North side, having to research that funny yellow orb that appears in the normally Grey sky every spring.

In getting ready to leave for St. Helens this morning I took this Picture. Perhaps only in the Pacific NW will one see a combination of moss and icicles hanging on the Swim Platform :-)

Oh, I just love it.

Kristi and I woke up at 8am this morning, had some 'fake Moka's' (Coffee and hot chocolate). I salted the still open Devil Seams and put the plastic cover on the windlass (January project). Getting ready to get underway, and hoping to get close enough to the electric power at the St. Helen's city dock. Else, will just have to idle the main engine for a couple of hours to keep the lights going.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Ships

We are in the midst of one of our favorite times of the year. Christmas Ships. It combines so many of the things we love--boating, Christmas, and family and friends.

Usually, we cruise at night-time. But this morning, we got up early and hung out on the Columbia River in front of Salty's Restaurant. It was a frosty, but beautiful morning! We got to watch the sun rise, and then were treated to breakfast, intermittent with interviews by one of our favorite TV personalities, Andy Carson, from KPTV's Good Day Oregon morning news program.

And for the curious, here is a photo of Viking Star from last year. Following the Christ part of Christmas we have a 10' star with the three wise-men looking towards it. If you want to see photos of more boats, as well as parade schedule, check out: www.christmasships.org

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Status Update

A while ago I posted a list of things I wanted to 'finish' before we were ready to move out - thought would update it some.

Ya, does not really look like much progress. And you are right. progress has been a bit slow. But that is OK. Several things are in flight: new batteries on order, drawers being cut and glued up, Kitchen stove / propane locker just need final hook up, aft cabin insulation is 80% in, need to purchase and cut some more material. Selected the counter Formica, THAT in its self is progress. After Christmas Ships are done, hope to get a bit more wrapped up.

Plus, am going to start cutting down the Must Do list.

"Go Simple, go Cheap, GO NOW" is a know phrase with a lot of truth in it. **

Will push off things like the Flopper Stoppers, Sun Shades, etc. After all, don't want to use up all the good projects so there will be nothing to do once we are underway!

Updated List:

1. Wire up backup inverter
2. Install larger battery bank
3. Install Hydronic Heating system
a. Hurricane
b. Finish piping, circulation pump
c. Interface to Motor and generator
d. Interface to Diesel Stove
4. Finish Generator
5. Install water maker
6. New Anchor platform
a. Platform
b. Rebuild Windlass
7. Propane Locker
8. Decks
a. Devil Seam
b. Bungs on deck
c. Install aft cleats
d. Move aft spring cleats to mid-ship
9. Sand / refinish lazzorete
10. Finish Lazzorete Hatches
a. Framing
b. Rain water system
c. Finish Hatches
d. Install locking system
11. Install wood access hatch in aft cabin
12. Finish Aft Cabin
a. Finish trim around Hatch
b. Insulation
c. Headliner
d. Trim around top
e. Drawers
13. Install aft head
a. Door
b. Head
c. LectraSan
14. Kitchen
a. Cook stove
b. Doors
c. Polish Diesel Stove
d. Banana Hanger
e. Framing around refrigerator
15. Soles (cork)
16. Overheads in Main cabin
17. Forward Cabin
a. Overheads
b. Trim
c. Sink counter top and faucet
18. Wash down system
a. Raw water
b. Fresh water
19. Aft external shower
20. Leaks
a. Fly bridge
b. Forward cabin around deck?
21. Repair rotten framing Port side
22. Trim and racks
a. Forward helm station: Binoculars, Handheld, etc.
23. Install SSB
24. Procure EPIRB
25. Dingy
26. Sliding Door Locks
27. Install AIS
28. Install computer
29. Flopper Stoppers
a. New Mast
b. Outriggers
c. Flopper stoppers themselves
30. Rain / Sun shades

** "The whole idea is freedom. Go simple, Go cheap, Go now." Lin Pardee.

OK, the Devil Won this time . . . . .

When one thinks of the Anti-Christ, one thinks of rather unpleasant warm places. Well, this time Cold has been used. This week we are getting our 1st cold blast for the Winter. Ya I know, it is not really THAT cold - heck even in Portland we have had colder weather.

But, it is cold enough to preclude Caulking setting. 40 or more is what the directions say.

So, when it comes to the Devil Seam that I was planning on getting done, well, the Devil has won.

Too cold. With Christmas Ships starting I worry that the caulk will not set up and risk getting onto folks feet - and being tracked everywhere. Side note: Most folks who have worked with EBC (Evil Black Caulking) know the stuff is almost magical in its ability to leap large gaps. Like the gap between the end of caulk tube and your forehead, or your upper arms, or well just about anyplace you dont want it. Magic stuff, never do know how it ends up in all those places :-)

So. Going to pack the seams I have opened with Rock Salt and just will wait till next spring.

Bad Devil Seam, Grinning Devil...