Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ugly Ass Boat

I remember hearing that the reason Drugs were so popular, and a continued scorn on society, is that they work.

In the like sense, Inflatable 'boats' are everywhere. Ugly ass boats that work.

Viking Star came with this Minto - and given the age of Viking Star, this is likely an original.

But, well, it just is not big enough. Or more correctly, we are too big. And that started the search for a new dinghy. We looked at a wide range - inflatables, a roto molded Portland Pudgy, adding Dinghy Dogs to the Minto - or even just tying fenders around it. But in the end we found a good deal on this UAB.

(Ugly Ass Boat)

It will be dryer, carry more weight, allow us to even bring a guest or two. It will row for crap, and well. It is ugly.

But in the end, one does need to be practical. (Though noted: the prior owners of Viking Star had two dinghies, the Minto and a UAB on the stern).

Oh Well. Maybe I will get to that. But until then - I am sorry Viking Star and her Minto. You made such a handsome couple.

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