Saturday, December 5, 2009

Status Update

A while ago I posted a list of things I wanted to 'finish' before we were ready to move out - thought would update it some.

Ya, does not really look like much progress. And you are right. progress has been a bit slow. But that is OK. Several things are in flight: new batteries on order, drawers being cut and glued up, Kitchen stove / propane locker just need final hook up, aft cabin insulation is 80% in, need to purchase and cut some more material. Selected the counter Formica, THAT in its self is progress. After Christmas Ships are done, hope to get a bit more wrapped up.

Plus, am going to start cutting down the Must Do list.

"Go Simple, go Cheap, GO NOW" is a know phrase with a lot of truth in it. **

Will push off things like the Flopper Stoppers, Sun Shades, etc. After all, don't want to use up all the good projects so there will be nothing to do once we are underway!

Updated List:

1. Wire up backup inverter
2. Install larger battery bank
3. Install Hydronic Heating system
a. Hurricane
b. Finish piping, circulation pump
c. Interface to Motor and generator
d. Interface to Diesel Stove
4. Finish Generator
5. Install water maker
6. New Anchor platform
a. Platform
b. Rebuild Windlass
7. Propane Locker
8. Decks
a. Devil Seam
b. Bungs on deck
c. Install aft cleats
d. Move aft spring cleats to mid-ship
9. Sand / refinish lazzorete
10. Finish Lazzorete Hatches
a. Framing
b. Rain water system
c. Finish Hatches
d. Install locking system
11. Install wood access hatch in aft cabin
12. Finish Aft Cabin
a. Finish trim around Hatch
b. Insulation
c. Headliner
d. Trim around top
e. Drawers
13. Install aft head
a. Door
b. Head
c. LectraSan
14. Kitchen
a. Cook stove
b. Doors
c. Polish Diesel Stove
d. Banana Hanger
e. Framing around refrigerator
15. Soles (cork)
16. Overheads in Main cabin
17. Forward Cabin
a. Overheads
b. Trim
c. Sink counter top and faucet
18. Wash down system
a. Raw water
b. Fresh water
19. Aft external shower
20. Leaks
a. Fly bridge
b. Forward cabin around deck?
21. Repair rotten framing Port side
22. Trim and racks
a. Forward helm station: Binoculars, Handheld, etc.
23. Install SSB
24. Procure EPIRB
25. Dingy
26. Sliding Door Locks
27. Install AIS
28. Install computer
29. Flopper Stoppers
a. New Mast
b. Outriggers
c. Flopper stoppers themselves
30. Rain / Sun shades

** "The whole idea is freedom. Go simple, Go cheap, Go now." Lin Pardee.

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