Monday, December 28, 2009

End of the season – time to Get Busy!

Here we are. Christmas is over, the New Year is close. Rose Bowl is Thursday! (Quack) It is this time of year that I typically start the Big Messy Projects. Like the time I took most of the main cabin roof off to replace rotten plywood. Or when I did the same to the aft cabin. Or, that one year (Kristi will remember) when I just started about 5 medium large projects all at once. In each case two things are true:

  1. It is COLD out there.
  2. The boat becomes totally disabled due to the mess…

This year will be a bit different. I only have one major project to finish (anchor platform), and several smaller ones to finish. Well, looking at 1 and 2 above, maybe this year will not be all that different J

We are in the Short Strokes. Kristi reminded me that we are ½ way through our ‘6 months in the apartment’. So, guess the bottom line is: Need to get busy. What is on board for this week?

  • Wash the boat and cleanup from Christmas Ships
  • Tuesday bring over a RIB we are looking to buy and see if it fits on the boat well.
  • Travel to Seattle Wednesday to pick up the ‘real’ house batteries – these might live in the Pickup for a couple of weeks till I can roust up a couple of friends to help move them into the boat.
  • Service the motor: Oil, Coolant, Filters all need changing.
  • Order the Formica as well as a new kitchen sink.
  • Start framing in for the aft cabin sink.
  • Sand and paint the forward cutouts for portholes (now that it is above 35 outside.) Then can install the portholes.

And I am sure many other projects as time goes on. Well, it’s almost 9:00am, guess better get busy!

* Post-script from Kristi: For you non-boaters, a RIB is a Rigid Inflatable Boat, further translated 'dinghy'.

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