Saturday, December 5, 2009

OK, the Devil Won this time . . . . .

When one thinks of the Anti-Christ, one thinks of rather unpleasant warm places. Well, this time Cold has been used. This week we are getting our 1st cold blast for the Winter. Ya I know, it is not really THAT cold - heck even in Portland we have had colder weather.

But, it is cold enough to preclude Caulking setting. 40 or more is what the directions say.

So, when it comes to the Devil Seam that I was planning on getting done, well, the Devil has won.

Too cold. With Christmas Ships starting I worry that the caulk will not set up and risk getting onto folks feet - and being tracked everywhere. Side note: Most folks who have worked with EBC (Evil Black Caulking) know the stuff is almost magical in its ability to leap large gaps. Like the gap between the end of caulk tube and your forehead, or your upper arms, or well just about anyplace you dont want it. Magic stuff, never do know how it ends up in all those places :-)

So. Going to pack the seams I have opened with Rock Salt and just will wait till next spring.

Bad Devil Seam, Grinning Devil...

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