Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A note from the Administrator...

A couple of folks commented they were trying to leave comments, and needed to type in some password or such.. Well, turns out there is a configurable parameter in blogs.com that can be set be us. I just changed the setting to allow comment from 'Anonymous', so - Comment away!

Monday, June 29, 2009

"LAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" and the Last Sunset

Yup, the fat Lady be a singing! 'LAAAAAA'!

We received a call today from the title company that the transaction has been recorded, and funding will indeed happen tomorrow.

So. It is done.

Now all we need to do is finish getting our stuff out of the house. We are both SHOCKED at how much stuff was hiding in the corners, tons and tons. In fact, the mini-storage is filled! Still a bit in the house, but think we will be able to get it out tomorrow. Will need to haul it around in the truck for a few days though.

And for your enjoyment, here is the 'Last Sunset'...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Devil in the details, Day 2 . . .

Last night Kristi and I attended a get together of the Christmas Shippers. http://www.christmasships.org/ Was nice, and was more so that Kristi was able to join - her working Saturdays, and all day Saturdays, often means she misses out. Am happy this will be a foreshadow of the coming months :-)

We are down to the small stuff. Got the bulk out of the shop, and the kitchen. But wow, why is it always the last 5% that is the toughest. Really trying to avoid the 'Lets just take to the storage unit and worry about it later' - but it might just end up at that.

Been cleaning, today will be a Kids day. Moving the couch to the kids, and the kitty. Sad about that, but even if it will be disruptive for her, it will be much better then her trying to adapt to a boat.

Goal is to be all out Monday, leaving Tuesday as a buffer.

Day 2, a quiet Sunday morning.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 4, signed papers

This morning Kristi and I signed papers, sounds like funding will happen Monday, and we need to be out by Tuesday. I can hear the Fat Lady doing her warm ups!!!

I spent today just going through some of the remaining boxes, and made a run to the Kids and ex house. We are down to a little, I count 11 boxes un-sorted here in the living Room. Plus the Microwave cart that servers as a Printer stand. Plus, a bit in the the Kitchen and the Shop.

Sat will be kind of the 'Last Day'. We have someone coming to pick up a few more items for the church, will make a run to the 'boat/storage' (I know, that storage part is kind of cheating, but it is only for two months....), and get the Carpet Cleaner going. I figure by the end of the day we will have just a few items for cooking, a bed, some clothes, and a few things in the shop as I might be making some drawers.

One kind of exciting thing: Our 'Garbage Pile' in the garage would perhaps fill a full-sized microwave box. NOT BAD, for clearing out 40+ years of stuff :-)

Sunday and Monday will be likely spent doing cleaning and final stuff. Couch to one of the kids, as well as the kitty.

Maybe Kristi and I will spend some time together starting tonight, as things do seem to be wrapping up here.

After Tuesday, a WHOLE NEW CHAPTER where I get to focus on finishing the boat in the hopes it can be ready for my wife to rejoin me :-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 5, a bit of time to reflect.

We are down to small stuff in the house (err, actually quite a bit of small stuff, but manageable in the next few days).

In slowing down, guess one can do a bit of reflection. This is a Big Change, and like most Big Changes, it comes at a price. Given that we are going from 4,200 square feet, to 420 square feet (of which we will need to share with a motor, fuel and water tanks, and all the other things a typical house would not have), this is really a Big Big Change.

Hardest I think is the stuff. No matter how long one has been working towards Pulling the Plug, stuff still has memories and emotions around it. Not most of it, but that last few bits. The photo of my Dad during the war in North Africa - - - the photo of him near the end. The cards my Kids have made for me, the stupid coaster retained from that one special night in Italy. Disposing of my 1st computer that taught me so much, selling the Motorcycle (1st day in 35+ years I have not had a motorcycle), going through my folks, and their folks, stuff - school reports, grades, death notices. All have memories. As Kristi said, it is kind of like dying - we are getting rid of all our stuff, and much of our memories. We are able to take a bit with us, but it is limited somewhat by space, and more so by the ability for an item to survive. Old photos on the boat? Likely destroyed in a year from the moisture. Do the kids really want all this stuff, or do they just feel obligated (um, I know the real answer). Will this thread of 'knowledge' end here?

Change always happens. Some times small changes, other times large changes. And for every positive aspect of change, there is a negative. In slowing down, those latter ones are starting to come through...

Kristi and I sign papers Friday morning. We hope to have the house empty by Saturday or so, except for a bed and some small things. Sunday and Monday will be cleanup days.

I think it is going to be OK. All of it, at least I hope so.

Day 5 - - -

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 6, small stuff..

Yesterday we got a LOT of stuff moved. Today will focus on sweeping up behind the Bulk Move and get a few more trips out, with goal of cleaning all rooms out except the main floor.

With all that has happened the past two weeks, it is kind of a blur.. The tasks seemed soo large, and things kept changing every day. It is hard to slow down, but maybe after today, or tomorrow, we can start letting up a bit. Overall plan is to have all 'moved' by Friday, leaving Saturday for cleaning and misc moving. Kitty goes to Casey Sunday, Kristi and I will spend Sunday night here and then likely move the bed Monday.

Then I guess the real hard stuff begins.

Day 6

A little bit like dying...

Actually, it's A LOT like getting ready to die.

All this examining things and thinking about who would enjoy this or be able to use that. Will the kids REALLY take care of Grandma's cedar chest? Poor Micah--he hasn't set up a household like the other kids have and gotten stuff to fill cupboards and drawers.

The photos. The cat. The china.

Very little of the 'stuff' that means alot to me will be coming along with me in my new life.

Kind of like dying.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Fat Lady is warming up, time for the roadies to get busy - Day 7

'They' are trying to zero in on a date / time that we can sign papers. With Kristi still working, days are out, except she does have Monday off. Guess if it is just about how to sign papers, we are getting ready for Show time!

So, on Day 7 it is a day of humping for the Roadies. Got the truck half packed with stuff to take to the Church for their Yard Sale, have arranged for a storage place very near the boat that we can move things to (including the table saw!). And have a few folks and trucks coming over for a whole day of Humping and Grunting (keep it clean folks, am talking about moving Stuff..)

Day 7

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 8 - Pushing to the center, prepping for Day 7...

Today we are focusing on pushing things to the center of the house. Making larger piles, while clearing out the rooms. Getting things into boxes and ready to get into the truck to take it all away.

Got the clutch back into the motorcycle, have a few calls on it. Posted most of the last of the 'niche' stuff on Freecycle, ala Byte magazines, KIM-1 computer (sad..) etc.

Kids are taking Kristi and me out this afternoon for Lunch (Fathers Day makeup as they were working yesterday), then we get to take a bunch of stuff over to the Ex where my kids are 'storing' their stuff :-)

Tomorrow (day 7) is a Big Moving Day. Have a few folks lined up, going to move all we can out to the Church for their upcoming Rummage Sale, and also rent a mini-store unit and move the boat stuff out there. It will be a LONG day, but filled up both tanks on the truck and are looking forward to see what I hope is very dramatic results.

Day 8, and counting.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day, Summer Solstice, and Day 9

This morning I was treated to a wonderful sunrise at 5:30. The Sun has came around far enough that we can easily see it rise over the hills to the east. Per a prior post, one of my favorite times of years will max-out today. Well, more precisely it peaked at 10:46pm yesterday :-) (0546 UT June-21-2009). Weather is told to be nice today, we have about 50% clouds that just add interest to the sunrise / sunset. Am hopeful for tonight.

And Happy Fathers day to all the Fathers out there. Both my children work this day (which in itself is a blessing given the economy), so we are getting together Monday. But in any case, be ya a Father, Have a Father, have lost a Father, hope today can bring some moments of reflection. And I do miss my Father - its been 10 years now.

Day 9. We are moving out June 30th. This past weekend we had a G-Sale, and it is time to just donate what is left. Our Church is having a rummage sale in a few weeks, so the timing is good! (Plus, there will be LOTS of hands to help box and move stuff over there). Last night one of the kids came forward and said they would take Tangles the Cat. This is one detail that Kristi and I have been very worried about, as we can in no way see her enjoying life on the boat - moving or not. And the alternatives were not acceptable either (this whole deal is not her doing..) So, both Kristi and I are relieved that she finding a home.

I have been finding some job postings that look like a potential fit. So far, 4 no replies, 2 No Thank You's and one who REALLY wants to hire me (long story short, I would be perhaps one of 50 people in the US with his looked-for qualifications, so great fit), but he is not able to get the rec opened for an outside hire. Still looking. And the SNIA-GSI stuff is starting to heat up. The EPA announced their intention to extend the ENERGY STAR label to large storage systems. SNIA GSI just offered to pay my costs to attend a July work session in San Jose. Through all of this lay-off stuff, it does feel positive that people still see value in my contributions :-)

As to our future home, well it is a mess. Given the work (err, destruction) to remove the water tank, and the unexpected haul out last week (and destruction to gain better access to the replaced frames) I have made NO progress on Viking Star for the past three weeks. We are going to rent a small storage unit and move the Boat Stuff there for staging (afraid to leave it in the back of the truck at the moorage, things get broken into way too much there). This week I think I will try to: Cut the port aft cabinet parts as well as parts for all the drawers. Perhaps mill up some Mahogany for trim, at least what I think I will need. Mill up the aft cabin door and frame. This is the last week with easy access to a table saw. Maybe get some of this glued up? That will be about it, as the rest of the focus will be to get the house emptied and ready for the new owners.

Day 9, and counting.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Busy Busy..

Less than two weeks, and counting! We have set up for a final Gsale, actually more in the house than the G, so maybe a House sale?? Will hope to trim stuff down a bit, and just end up donating the rest. Have pushed about all that can be to the kids, ex's, friends, etc...

On top of that, progress on the boat is still slow.. Monday hauled Viking Star on short notice to fix the cracked ribs I found. Had not planned to haul until next spring, but replacing the ribs now was definitely easier than when the cabin is fitted out. Finished getting the new ribs in today.

At this point am feeling less concerned about working towards a plan, and more about just trying to control the chaos.

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's not suppose to be like this, is it??

OK, looks like all the potential pit-falls in selling the house have cleared (inspection, assessment, financing). So we are now just marking time to MOVE OUT day - June 30th.

Have been working feverishly on the boat to try and get it sort of ready to move on, and I have to say it seems like it is going backwards. Yesterday attempted to pull the water tank, we failed both the Trig test, and basic carpentry. Will try again Saturday after cutting out more of that new lazzerette framing I put in a couple of months ago.

Cabinets are taking more time then expected (as always), AND I located 4 cracked ribs when I cleared out the old stuff to make room for the new cabs. So now is the potential of dry dock for a few days to repair those while access is easy. Or move ahead and fit out the aft cabin and do the repairs next spring...

As of now the boat is totally unusable: Way too much stuff everywhere (projects), main alternator removed, exhaust system removed to make room for getting out water tank, mast dropped for some repairs, propane box in but not plumbed (No BBQ, No stove, ..) Oh, and no water!

And we have basically TWO weeks to make the boat livable again, sell our stuff, and MOVE OUT.

Isn't this suppose to be fun?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well, the Fat Lady is warming up!


Today we received the inspection from the buyers - nothing big...

So, looks like we will actually be selling this house by the end of the month. Wow.

Al is on the Boat tonight, looking at all that must get done in order to move; we both are looking at the house looking at all that needs to get moved before it is done.


Let the Fun begin!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yup. Round 2

Just accepted a new offer. Move-out date: June 30th.

Will let it sit for a few days to make sure it sticks, and guess it will be into High Gear!

Round 2?

Perhaps.. This morning got a call from our Realtor. The folks who viewed the house last night are writing up an offer. They are stopping by this afternoon to take another look as well.

Will see where it ends, but at least for now can say 'Let Round 2 begin'!

(And there is the rumor of a potential job offer as well....)

Life is a ride :-)