Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 4, signed papers

This morning Kristi and I signed papers, sounds like funding will happen Monday, and we need to be out by Tuesday. I can hear the Fat Lady doing her warm ups!!!

I spent today just going through some of the remaining boxes, and made a run to the Kids and ex house. We are down to a little, I count 11 boxes un-sorted here in the living Room. Plus the Microwave cart that servers as a Printer stand. Plus, a bit in the the Kitchen and the Shop.

Sat will be kind of the 'Last Day'. We have someone coming to pick up a few more items for the church, will make a run to the 'boat/storage' (I know, that storage part is kind of cheating, but it is only for two months....), and get the Carpet Cleaner going. I figure by the end of the day we will have just a few items for cooking, a bed, some clothes, and a few things in the shop as I might be making some drawers.

One kind of exciting thing: Our 'Garbage Pile' in the garage would perhaps fill a full-sized microwave box. NOT BAD, for clearing out 40+ years of stuff :-)

Sunday and Monday will be likely spent doing cleaning and final stuff. Couch to one of the kids, as well as the kitty.

Maybe Kristi and I will spend some time together starting tonight, as things do seem to be wrapping up here.

After Tuesday, a WHOLE NEW CHAPTER where I get to focus on finishing the boat in the hopes it can be ready for my wife to rejoin me :-)

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