Sunday, June 28, 2009

Devil in the details, Day 2 . . .

Last night Kristi and I attended a get together of the Christmas Shippers. Was nice, and was more so that Kristi was able to join - her working Saturdays, and all day Saturdays, often means she misses out. Am happy this will be a foreshadow of the coming months :-)

We are down to the small stuff. Got the bulk out of the shop, and the kitchen. But wow, why is it always the last 5% that is the toughest. Really trying to avoid the 'Lets just take to the storage unit and worry about it later' - but it might just end up at that.

Been cleaning, today will be a Kids day. Moving the couch to the kids, and the kitty. Sad about that, but even if it will be disruptive for her, it will be much better then her trying to adapt to a boat.

Goal is to be all out Monday, leaving Tuesday as a buffer.

Day 2, a quiet Sunday morning.

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  1. It was great to see you guys on Saturday. I'm glad you gave us this blog address. Bill and I will be following it with happiness for you and a bit of envy also! :) Best of luck and we'll see you again in December!

    Erin and Bill (Seaweed)