Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Miramontes Family Visit

It's hard to believe it's been almost a month, but the Miramontes family (minus Dad) came to visit during their Spring Break. We met in Bremerton, where it was only a one-block walk to such fine establishments as Starbucks, Subway, and Coldstone. We walked a bit farther, in the wind and rain, to the Navy museum, but it was Tuesday -- the only day of the week they are closed!

Well, let's try to do that when we come back to Bremerton to drop you off. Maybe Uncle Mikey will be around to visit then too.  Off to Blake Island State Park!

Blake Island is one of our favorite places. But this is not the view you like to see when you have 6 people cooped up on a boat, three of them kids aged 6, 8, and 10.

Blessedly, the sun came out on Wednesday afternoon! And what do boys love to do?
Throw rocks, of course.

And make faces at Grammie! But he's got such a CUTE face...

It's nesting season for killdeer -- is there a nest nearby?

The kids are not stopped by the HUGE puddle under the play structure.
Madalyn loves the zip-line-like feature.

Sailing Vessel Carlyn is in the area. At dinnertime, the crew adds a lot of color to the view.

One of my favorite subjects.

Oh no! Where is Evergreen State going??? She is our 'favorite' ferry, and we are at first distressed to see her being pushed south. We knew she had been up for auction. Al googles to find the answer:  she is going to the Caribbean!  We are happy she will continue to be a ferry. 

The kids are delighted to watch the raccoons.  Casey even got a photo of one climbing onto Viking Star. (This is old hat for us, but it's a thrill for the kids)

The next day there is still sun in the morning, so Casey and I and the kids head for the west point.
It's fun to explore at low tide.

The kids try to look as bored as possible while they take a rest.

We brought snacks, but that didn't keep Madalyn down for long!

Milo and Casey

Evan and Madalyn

Dig dig dig!
The rain held off ALMOST until we got back to the boat. I don't remember what we did all afternoon (probably watched a movie), but after supper we had a campfire in the shelter that the Carlyn had vacated that day.

The next morning Papa and I begin to ready the boat to go back to Bremerton while everyone else is till in bed. It doesn't take long for heads to pop up, though. Micah DOES meet us, and we DO go to the Navy Museum, and we all have lunch together before we all go different directions -- Miramontes back to Hillsboro OR, Micah to his place, and Al and I take Viking Star to Poulsbo for a gathering with the Cascadia Sailing Association.

A passer-by takes a group shot for us!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Cruising Again!

We departed Friday Harbor and as we usually do, went directly to Blind Bay. It is our 'happy place' in the San Juan Islands. We like to drop an anchor and just relax for a few days -- or weeks. But this year we were on our way to Bellingham to meet up with friends, so we caught a mooring buoy and only stayed one night.

From there we went to Inati Bay on Lummi Island -- we'd never been there before. It is a tiny bay, and seemed crowded by a log tow, and a big hunk of steel.

A new experience for us this year is using yacht club reciprocals! We joined the West Sound Corinthians and have already earned back the cost of the initiation and first year's dues. We've enjoyed time in Bellingham, LaConner and Everett.

We'd never been into the marina at Everett either, so we are having new experiences, even after 6 years of cruising in the area. It is a wonderful facility, and we hear it is the largest on the West Coast! Here are two different perspectives from the two sunsets we observed in Everett:

We were the only boat at the guest dock the first night. And the sun broke through dark foreboding clouds near sunset.

Sunset the second night was a bit brighter. Here the windows appear to be glowing with light from inside, but it is the reflection of the sun. Notice the white submarine. We saw a TV news story about it the next day. Read more here:

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Growing Grandkids

Hey the good news is that we are out cruising again!

But before I start sharing our travelling adventures, I want to document the great visit we had with daughter Lindsay and her brood in February.

The forecast called for rain every day, and I remember that we got some, every day. BUT we had some good times and mostly stayed dry when we were outside.

Here are photos and captions to tell the story:

I do a Selfie Sunday post on my business facebook page: Better With Lipstick!
Here I pose with Emrie and Ryker.

Emrie LOVES make-up! I wouldn't be surprised if she's a make-up artist to the stars someday!

We girls had fun trying several new colors of LipSense during the week.

We had a driving trip to the sculpture park near Roche Harbor. Troy is known to walk far ahead of the group, so he's not in many pictures. Here are Ranger and Ryker banging the gong -- it makes a nice sound!

I just love this!

We had a ferry trip to Lopez Island. The kids like to be on the front of the boat with Papa.

The kids played and made new friends at the skate park, even without skateboards!

Ryker's teacher's family has property on Lopez, and recommended a couple of places to visit. Here Lindsay is sending a photo of Ryker, on our way to Iceberg Point.

Typical. Troy forging the way. and Emrie back with me.
She made fun of me for 'taking a picture of Papa's butt'!

The whole gang.
We did an overnight boat trip to Turn Island. The whole island is a State Park just outside Friday Harbor. I think this was the biggest highlight of this years trip.

Troy goes ahead, but this time he came back announcing 'I found something cool! Look at all the tracks!'

Blue Boy

This was pretty high above the water and close enough to the edge to make moms nervous.
Papa says 'Kids are tougher than you think.'

The kids barked at the seals. And the seals wondered what those strange creatures were.

Sloth Ryker

We spent hours on this sunny beach, on the lee side of the island.

Emrie's art....

... turns to a balance beam.

Ryker and I got the first ride back to the boat. I got a head start on supper, but stopped to take this photo.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Story of a Fox

We are presently house-sitting for friends, whose homes are on the west side of San Juan Island. We've stayed in this locale before, for our longest-held-San Juan Island friend. We expected grand sunrises and sunsets, watching ships out on the Strait, and bird watching.

We NEVER expected the sight we saw yesterday.

Luckily, both Al and I were standing at the kitchen sink when I looked out the window and didn't recognize what I saw. 'WHAT is THAT?!' It looked like a rather large dog nosing around under the bushes. I looked to the road, thinking to see a neighbor out for a walk, even though it was snowing and had been all day. But there was no human in sight. Hmm. 

OH! It's got a big bushy TAIL! But I was confused. I know there are red fox on the island, especially on the southern end, but this was BIG, and BLACK! I ran for my camera.

Al saw him and said 'He's caught something! I think it's a bunny!' We saw him toss it in the air, and then begin munching.

Al was now watching through binoculars. Gosh he looks big.

Here he comes! It's a bird! (Looks like a robin)
He trotted up toward the house, and we thought he was going under the deck, but he came out on the west end of the house and made a beeline for some low bushes, deeply covered in snow. 'He's burying it! Look at that!'

He didn't dig with his paws. He 'nosed' the snow over the bird.

Then he turned at looked at us...'That's mine!'

And he trotted away, continuing his rounds.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Followers of the blog may be wondering WHAT we have been doing!? I (Kristi) haven't made a post since the end of October! Though that's more recently than I thought it had been. We came back into the US from Canada in September, after all.

So, what's been going on?

Well, I did start a business. I am now an independent distributor for SeneGence International. Their premier product is LipSense, but they have skin care and other cosmetics as well.
Same day, with product.
You can see why I call my facebook group 'Better With Lipstick!'

A recent photo

This year we are further back on the breakwater, which gives us a view of Mt. Baker. We so enjoy watching this changing view. Here are a couple shots, just hours apart.

Mt. Baker with a small example of altocumulus lenticularis.

USS Enterprise stopping by?

We also got a new camera! I've been having fun learning how to use it. Here are some of the first shots I took, getting an idea how the 60X optical zoom works. The next 4 photos were taken from the same spot, on First Street in Friday Harbor, near the courthouse.
No zoom. *I* know where Viking Star is, but YOU probably can't tell.

There she is!

JUST the boat.

And at full zoom, just the ANCHOR!
I think I am going to have some fun with this camera! (Nikon CoolPix B700) In fact the following photos got lots of viewing on my facebook page. This is the November Super Moon, taken the morning of 11-14-16 as the moon was setting.

Calm wind allowed the fog to hang, but made for more steady photography.

I was a bit surprised the fog made little difference, with the zoom.

Full zoom. WOW! Look at that texture on the rim!

And then, just some more fun with the camera....

The November 30 sunset silhouettes a house above the port.

December 4, quarter moon.

And one of my favorite photos in a long time, taken January 11, 2017.
Moonrise. Mt Baker. And a horned grebe in the foreground.

We had a grand time visiting friends and family, as always, in the Portland area over the holidays. All the sharing included a virus that we can't blame on the grandkids this year. When we returned to Friday Harbor, Al got the local version also. We are back to our usual 'in port' activities: surfing the internet, testing coffee shops (two new ones this year!), visiting with friends, and soon again housesitting. 

Viking Star and we will be leaving the dock mid-March, and we will begin having more adventures worthy of more frequent blog posts. We ALSO got a kayak for Christmas! So I am sure we will have stories that involve it through the cruising season.