Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh, the Warm Cabin (ala, THANK YOU Dickinson!)

Viking Star came with a Dickinson Diesel stove. At first I didn't think much about this 'old' technology stove, and was looking forward to replacing it with something more Modern.

Then we used it one Winter - and I tell ya, this gem will have to be pried from my cold, very cold, dead hands.

See, this stove is also a great heater. It puts out a very warm heat, just like a Wood stove. Coming in from the outside, there is little better then standing next to the Warm radiant heat. And it also has a drying effect, again like a wood stove. This is due to the air-exchange nature of the burner, replacing high moisture content inside air with low moisture content outside air. This is the best feature, hands down. And we kept very warm with our Dickinson Diesel stove. In fact, most of the time we are too warm and have to crack a hatch; even when the stove is on Low. These things are great, and when they work, they work like no ones business.

But they are also somewhat fussy. Mostly, if they are not kept clean, or the fuel becomes restricted due to a clogged filter (including that small brass screen right at the fuel inlet elbow), well, they can be a pain. We likely will need to paint over some soot staining from winters when the stove 'acted up'. There is a balance to them, almost an art. And we are learning. This year we had a great run. And with our December this year (See prior post about Christmas Ships), we really needed it! No noise, no electrically, no dripping windows. Just warm and dry. Ha!

If I was fitting out the boat from the beginning, I would put one of these Pot type Diesel burner heaters in the Aft stateroom. And a Propane range / over in the galley. As it is, we have trouble getting the heat into the lower cabins, and I am installing a propane cooker to use during warmer months.

One side note: I seem to remember hearing somewhere one never POURS from one pot to another on a boat, but one uses a Ladle. Well, I remembered remembering that a bit too late this year. Yes, these stoves work very well when up and running. But dump half a pot of water on them and you get a LOT of steam. Almost instantly fogging the cabin windows. And when the water gets into the pot burner and puts out the stove, well, life is not good.. You end up with one pissed off stove.

And I also found out the Wife tends to get rather pissed off as well with a cabin full of a mixture of steam, raw Diesel fuel mist, and all the doors and windows open when it is in the low 20's outside and the wind blowing like heck... Live and learn -- one can hope :-)

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