Monday, March 2, 2009

If You Can Read This....

We have just returned from a day and a half at the boat. It was the first time I have been there since Christmas, and Al had warned me that it was quite a mess. He will tell you that I actually swore when I saw it (something for confession, sorry Pastor Dan).

Yesterday afternoon was spent mainly picking up and organizing. Al reconnected the water and toilet (oops, head), and I washed up the dishes he had used over the last two months of visits to the boat. We visited with dock mates over burgers at the local pub.

Today I concentrated more on actually CLEANING the boat. Most notably, the afformentioned head. And frankly, as opposed to seeing red, it had me seeing YELLOW! For some time, we have been noting a certain odor about the head. Well, today, after getting on my knees and scrubbing with my cleanser with bleach, I expressed my desire that Al 'be seated' to pee from now on.

I believe I will extend this to ALL males who visit Viking Star. No, just to be fair, I intend to post a sign for EVERYONE to see:

If You Can Read This.....
PLEASE, turn around,

Al informs me that this is a very common controversy on boats. He has heard it said before that 'Real Sailors Sit!'

Makes sense to me! The boat may be rolling; why even worry about having to take aim? Have a seat--relax! Be my guest!

Or, we may be drawing straws for bathroom duty at the end of every cruise.


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