Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Stress Diet

The stress diet seems to be working once again.

During stressful times in my past, I have lost weight, seemingly without trying, often as much as 20 pounds. (One time I was helped by having a tonsillectomy, after which I could only eat Jello and popsicles for two weeks.)

This year, you could say we made a New Years Resolution, like many Americans, to lose weight. This was BEFORE the layoff notice. We would return to the eating habits we followed when we were in Europe for a month a few years ago. Since I do the majority of the grocery shopping, I vowed to buy more fruits and vegetables. We would eat less meat.

We had nearly a month of this with no changes in the way our clothes fit, or the numbers on the scale.

Then IT happened. Now Al has time to go to the gym, and he reports regularly his weigh-in results. He has lost nearly 10 pounds! And even though I HAVEN'T changed my activity level, I have lost 6 pounds.

Is it just the stress though?

OR is it that we have used ALOT of energy working on the house, hauling and painting, NOT sitting in front of the TV eating cheese and crackers? Is it that we gave up ice cream for Lent? Is it that I had to scale back my daily Starbucks order, and it no longer includes Lemon Pound Cake?

All I can say is that I do look forward to losing a bit of weight, on myself AND my husband! It will make life on the boat all the better. Al will fit the engine room better, and I will fit a bikini better!


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