Saturday, March 14, 2009

So, Whats up?

Well, Time just seems to keep moving. We are still working a bit on the house, focusing now on getting rid of stuff. It's funny how much Kids can drag into a house, and also how much they are able to leave behind when they move on. I just have to wonder if they have some sort of Stuff Multiplier, as it seems there is always more stuff here, there, and everywhere. Oh Wait, guess some of this stuff is mine. . .

Got the Project Car moved to a friend's house today and put it into a portable garage. Should be somewhat safe, but this is not the best way to preserve something. Oh Well, perhaps the kids will get a bug in them and want to start working on it again. . . Working to have a (what likely will be the first of a couple) Garage Sale next weekend. Hope to set up a few tables in the Garage and the 'dining room' for next Friday and Saturday.

House has been shown every Sunday. It IS getting traffic, result of aggressive pricing I am sure. And each weekend we seem to be able to draw one or even two active buyers. Will keep working at it.

On the Boat have been focusing on the Heater system - in addition to the Dickinson - Hurricane boiler attached to the existing base-board hydronic heating radiators. I am also working on the Kubota DC generator / water maker. Been getting some of the last parts ordered. Will post a future BLOG entry on this. I also signed up for a class in refrigeration at the local Community College.

Other than that, have just been taking day-to-day. I am hoping to be able to spend more time at the Boat once we get the G-Sale over with. After the Heater and Generator, likely will start working on the aft stateroom: Cabinets and Bed. (Need to order that new water Tank in preparation for that I guess!)


  1. You do recall what George Carlin had to say about other peoples stuff? It's their sh*t...but it's my in get your sh*t out of my garage!

    Good Luck in getting rid of all your extra sh*t!

  2. By the way...what is "the project car"?

  3. Yup, Stuff, Junk, S**T, all about the same at one point or another.. In any case, we had GREAT success with a key modification I made to the house recently --> installing check-doors.. These are just like a Check Valve one might find in Plumbing, but on a larger scale. In effect, they let Stuff flow out, but not back in! Great things, and after the 'sale' Saturday they proved their usefulness.

    'Check Door', aka: Old F150 pickup making its way to GoodWill :-)

    Project Car: '71 Firebird my Son AND I were working on, well - not so much lately ;-) Cool project, car is 100% stock! Was his Moms, and her moms. Hope it get picked back up.