Friday, March 27, 2009

Lets make some Power!

One of the advantages of doing a rather extensive restoration is you get to make a whole new set of mistakes (err, design). This includes the systems, and in this case the Energy system. I have based Viking Star around a DC boat: All the lighting is DC, generators, DC. Pumps, etc. All DC. I DO have a large Prosine inverter to power the refrigerator and a hair dryer, but most the effort is in DC.

We have two total separate DC systems. Each with their own battery, charger, alternators, and usage. 100% isolated and redundant with the ability to cross connect if needed. One system is dedicated to the main motor - starting and instruments. that's it. I can optionally power the Nav instruments from this system. The other system, the House System, supplies most everything else, and in normal operation the Nav needs are powered from the house.

Though I have designed the house system to allow for up to 5 days at anchor on battery alone (and recharge in 5 hours of motoring), there might be a time I need to make some power independent of the main motor alternator. Here is where my 'DC Generator' comes in.

For this, I am assembling a system consisting of:
Kubota EB300 diesel
Leece Neville 200A Alternator
CAT pressure pump for water maker.

Here is a photo of many of the main components - over the next months I hope to put these into some that works, and will BLOG the results as I go.

Motor: Kubota EB300, from E-bay

Alternator: Leece Neville 4900 Series 200A large frame alternator - Ebay

Pressure pump: CAT 311 - Find of a lifetime!

Spindle: Kubota 19501-8451-0 1-7/16" x 3.5" - Kubota

Pulleys: Surplus Center supplied

Some comments on key parts:

Alternator: I am using a large frame 4900 series Leece Neville. This is the same alternator used on the main motor for the house alternator, and are tuff guys. This is a bit different then other folks have used in that it is a larger frame alternator and I expect no issues with heat nor longevity.

Pump: CAT 311, took a LONG time to find one of these without paying lots of $$$

Spindles: Kubota has lots of parts to put on their motors; issue is finding out about them and getting PART NUMBERS!. After talking up the local supplier, I was finally able to just sit down with the books. One can order pulleys, spindles, lots. Here are some spindles I found in their parts book:
19501-8451-2 1-1/2" x 3.5" PTO shaft
19501-8451-0 1-7/16" x 3.5" PTO shaft
14972-8451-2 1-3/16" x 2.17" PTO shaft
14943-8441-3 46mm x 90mm PTO shaft

I actualy ended up with the 1-7/16" shaft, as that is what the company could see on their books. Do make sure to take care of all the digits, they all are important! Also make sure you have the correct bolts from Kubota - they have a shoulder that is sized to fit into the holes of the PTO adapter. Ones from Ace Hardware might not work as well :-)

Pulleys: I ordered mine from, good prices and I think will work as well as any others.

Going to focus on the Generator portion 1st, and will add the water maker later. Watch for more postings on progress over the next month.

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