Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feeling Blue...

I'm kind of depressed today. The situation is becoming 'more Real'.

Although we have been following our budget, and I actually had money left over LAST week, the most recent paycheck was a short one. Micah called the other night and needs more money to pay to play baseball, and needs a calculator for class and college.

Al got his severance check, and word that his bonus is larger than expected. We should be feeling pretty good, right?

But I'm just feeling blue.....



  1. I came to read about the power boat. LOVE THEM. Actually, as a kid I learned to race little skiffs & that has been a life-long love. So I read a few of your entries.

    I'm sorry you are feeling so blue. The : We should be feeling pretty good, right? Is a hard one. Most of us have things we can feel good about, but when you are feeling down at the moment, that doesn't always jog you out of it.

  2. Kristi I am so sorry to hear you are feeling blue.
    What I try to do when I am feeling that way is to start to count my blessings. Sometimes I can only think of the very basics likes eyes, ears, legs....pretty soon I am finding all kinds of things I am grateful for and once in awhile the things that are making me blue get on my grateful list.
    Try is and see if it helps. I hope you are in the pink and out of the blues soon.

  3. Hey Sis! Smile, you are WAY ahead of me in the Grandchild race...I think you have passed me in "Sea Time" too. I think the Johnson boys all sit to pass the time...the only place to stand is over the gutter in the barn!

    Have a good day!