Monday, February 16, 2009

What about looking for a job?

So, what about looking for a job? And what's with the Selling the House thing?

OK. Our 'plan' had been to do this in two years. (Pull the plug that is). That means we have been working towards this goal for a long time now, and already have much in place. Mostly - we do not really have a lot of stuff. I drive a '81 F150 (345,000 miles thank you!), my wife a 2000 Toyota. We have not accumulated a lot of stuff over the past 5-6 years (no Plasma TV) and have, in short, been working towards a simpler life (No HighDef Plasma TV....).

But it is a fact that we are not ready.

  • Boat is not ready.
  • Family / us are not ready (Kids, etc.)
  • Bank account is not ready. (Thank you again October, though it is not all your fault).

Bottom line: Though we will be ok for now, the Bank Account is not there to fully retire on. Do have a couple of Financial Hail Marys lobbed up and maybe one will stick. (hey, it is a new year, 2009. Anyone watch the Super Bowl :-) But failing that, yes I AM looking for a job. However, one thing to know-- this is not the 1st job change I have had to do. Comes as part of High Tech. History has told me it takes 6-9 months to find a comparable position. And that is in better times. Times now are not better. Does that mean I am not looking? No. Does it mean that I have given up? Mostly no. But it does mean being realistic we can count on 12, even 18 months to find a position.

Looking for a new job involves: Networking, Emails, telephone calls, and eventually face to face. Traditionally I would do Networking, Emails, Telephone calls, and flying off to meet someone from our house. And we could keep the house and make it work. Good severance package would make it possible, unemployment would help, so would savings. (And we may end up having to do this if the house does not sell.) But in the end, even though it is a nice house, we have outlived it; it is not where we are looking to retire to long term. (Too big). And technology, esp communication technology, has made the world small. I can just as easily Network, Email and make Telephone calls from almost anywhere in North America or even the world. And last time I checked, many places had airports. I am maintaining my industry's professional ties by continuing weekly involvement in a Green oriented initiative. In the end: I can do my job search functions from home OR from the boat with the same effectiveness.

Given the house is not in our long terms plans, the Boat makes more sense. It is lower cost. And for those who are so inclined (we all know this is not for everyone), certainly more fun. You see, it is really the right decision to move to the boat, being driven mostly by reducing cash flow. It is the logical, responsible thing to do.

Yea, that's it. This is perhaps the ONLY prudent thing to do.

Plus, well, we get to live on the boat.

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