Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, It happened

Yup, it happened. I got That Call... Been worried about it from last Fall, and spent a lots of nights not sleeping well. But over the course of one weekend Kristi and I talked about 'What If'. What if 'it' happened, what would we do?

Well, 'It' did happen. A short meeting was put on my calendar by my Boss titled "Personnel Discussion" and I was laid off. Not that I am alone in this, it is hard times. And not that the company is not rather generous with the severance package, it is fair. But still.

Given these times, the possibility of a like job is very very slim. Very slim. Our internal Job Bank had 4, yes FOUR postings for jobs in my pay scale. This is for one of the largest companies around. FOUR. Only one of the jobs I might qualify for, but I am not sure I want to move to the East Coast. Plus I would be one of hundreds applying, I am sure.

So, what is our plan? Well, to be short: Go Cruising. See, we have been working for the past 8 years towards to goal of 'pulling the plug'. The timeline was 2 years from now, and also we had hoped to be in much better $$ standpoint. But the world seems to have a way with plans of Mice and Men, and we did not make the time, nor the $$ in our account. (Thank you October). But, when we look at it all: We just might make it. Might have to work some time down the road; maybe the economy will be better in two years or so. Might just find something else to do to fill in the gaps. But we just might be able to make a go of it. (Rice and Beans / Beans and Rice, or well, maybe just Rice OR Beans at times...)

So, in the end here we are. We are pulling the plug sooner. I AM looking for work, just not hopeful. Might pick up some consulting that I can do remotely; that would be good. But the main plan is to accelerate the 'Pull the Plug' plan. We are:

  • Dumping the house: Priced very aggressively, and told the real estate agent we would not write a check for someone to take the house, but anything above that is OK.
  • Accelerating the completion of the boat.
  • Putting other things into order. ( Kids, Stuff, $, etc.)

As we moved through this in the last two weeks, several folks have said Keep In Touch, and Let Us Know What You Are Doing. So, this Blog. Here we will document what is up, where we are, and who knows what else. Likely this will follow the pattern of most 'cruising Blogs' - LOTS of activity in the beginning, eventually tapering off to little or no posts. But will see, likely depend on how much Kristi posts in the future :-)

So, this is a start. More to come . . . .



  1. Great to be able to keep in touch with you this way!

    Good luck on all your adventures.

    Carlos Pratt

  2. Hi Al,

    Good stuff! Will come back here every now and then to check up on ya!

    Have a look at this:
    Example here:

    That way we all know where on earth you'll be hanging out!

    Economy is on a down low here as well. Won't be going travelling for a long period now that we just bought a house tho. Just short trips. Got a skiing holiday coming up next week, that's a first... well since a day in the snow on Mt Hood!

    Keep us posted, good luck matey!

  3. Ahoy Al & Kristi,
    This is a new experience for me...have not blogged before. Hope to keep in touch this way as well as the traditional email now and then...wonder if the Viking Star could ever navigate up the Mississippi? Probably not as far as the rapids at Sauk Rapids! What ya outfitted with for a radio? Should I be looking into finally get a ham radio? Best Wishes...Gary

  4. All, Thank you for the comments. Yea Bart, this whole Econ thing is just a mess, world wide huh.. Enjoy skiing, I know is must be tuff for someone who lives below the sea level all the time to see mountains :-) Can not believe it has been that long from when you went last!

    Gary: Mississippi can be navigated up to MSP, after that it gets a bit tuffer... Who know, might just make it there some time, but would be years off at best. For longer range radio, have an Icom M802 SSB radio. Am going to get my HAM ticket (maybe while Kristi is brushing up on her Spanish), and the ICOM can be opened to HAM usage. Might be great to chat with Family some day! We will also be able to use it for short Emails when away from WiFi.

    And Dayna, yes, the adventure begins. Just need to sell the house; have it prices very aggressively, but it is the last roadblock now. (Hey, maybe you and Howard need to buy a really nice house up here in Portland!)


  5. And Bart, Thanks for the pointers on the mapping.. There is a way for the SSB Email to report lat/ lon. Might be interesting to see if somehow the two could be connected!