Monday, April 30, 2018

Back on the boat!

Long winter, long projects, long ....     Well, it is time for a change.  The Dirt Thing as I call it is all taken care of, in a lease for a few years and that leaves us back to the boating life!

Though will say, Viking Star is I am sure rather annoyed at this while Dirt Thing.  (There is a reason boats are referred to as She), and I am sure she has a few surprises for us as a result.  The past few days have been spent on the generator, rebuilding the raw water pump which had frozen bearings.  But as of tonight that is completed (Good deal as we leave port tomorrow morning).  Still to flush out is the water maker and its new RO membranes, reattach the auto-pilot drive (after re-building the seal in the steering pump), and will just have to see what else comes up.

This summer will be a Grand Kids tour.  Taking the 2nd oldest for a short hop into Canada (after all his Brother did that last year!), and then the oldest will be with us for almost two months - we are thinking of heading up to Desolation, perhaps the Broughtons.  Who knows, but will be fun. 

And with all that my Alternator Regulator projects are gaining some real traction.  Also will be a fun year!

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