Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 8 - Pushing to the center, prepping for Day 7...

Today we are focusing on pushing things to the center of the house. Making larger piles, while clearing out the rooms. Getting things into boxes and ready to get into the truck to take it all away.

Got the clutch back into the motorcycle, have a few calls on it. Posted most of the last of the 'niche' stuff on Freecycle, ala Byte magazines, KIM-1 computer (sad..) etc.

Kids are taking Kristi and me out this afternoon for Lunch (Fathers Day makeup as they were working yesterday), then we get to take a bunch of stuff over to the Ex where my kids are 'storing' their stuff :-)

Tomorrow (day 7) is a Big Moving Day. Have a few folks lined up, going to move all we can out to the Church for their upcoming Rummage Sale, and also rent a mini-store unit and move the boat stuff out there. It will be a LONG day, but filled up both tanks on the truck and are looking forward to see what I hope is very dramatic results.

Day 8, and counting.

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