Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 5, a bit of time to reflect.

We are down to small stuff in the house (err, actually quite a bit of small stuff, but manageable in the next few days).

In slowing down, guess one can do a bit of reflection. This is a Big Change, and like most Big Changes, it comes at a price. Given that we are going from 4,200 square feet, to 420 square feet (of which we will need to share with a motor, fuel and water tanks, and all the other things a typical house would not have), this is really a Big Big Change.

Hardest I think is the stuff. No matter how long one has been working towards Pulling the Plug, stuff still has memories and emotions around it. Not most of it, but that last few bits. The photo of my Dad during the war in North Africa - - - the photo of him near the end. The cards my Kids have made for me, the stupid coaster retained from that one special night in Italy. Disposing of my 1st computer that taught me so much, selling the Motorcycle (1st day in 35+ years I have not had a motorcycle), going through my folks, and their folks, stuff - school reports, grades, death notices. All have memories. As Kristi said, it is kind of like dying - we are getting rid of all our stuff, and much of our memories. We are able to take a bit with us, but it is limited somewhat by space, and more so by the ability for an item to survive. Old photos on the boat? Likely destroyed in a year from the moisture. Do the kids really want all this stuff, or do they just feel obligated (um, I know the real answer). Will this thread of 'knowledge' end here?

Change always happens. Some times small changes, other times large changes. And for every positive aspect of change, there is a negative. In slowing down, those latter ones are starting to come through...

Kristi and I sign papers Friday morning. We hope to have the house empty by Saturday or so, except for a bed and some small things. Sunday and Monday will be cleanup days.

I think it is going to be OK. All of it, at least I hope so.

Day 5 - - -

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  1. Best wishes to the two of you. I understand the pain of sorting through memories...I being an admitted pack rat and my wife having short-term memory see the potentials...followed by several life changing events and moves from one home to a new home.
    I hope your future finds all your dreams come true and all your wishes realized.
    Remember, us land-lubbers would welcome you back to firm ground if that is the end destiny...if not may your rocking chair always be in sync with the roll of the waves!
    Your brother & brother-in-law