Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day, Summer Solstice, and Day 9

This morning I was treated to a wonderful sunrise at 5:30. The Sun has came around far enough that we can easily see it rise over the hills to the east. Per a prior post, one of my favorite times of years will max-out today. Well, more precisely it peaked at 10:46pm yesterday :-) (0546 UT June-21-2009). Weather is told to be nice today, we have about 50% clouds that just add interest to the sunrise / sunset. Am hopeful for tonight.

And Happy Fathers day to all the Fathers out there. Both my children work this day (which in itself is a blessing given the economy), so we are getting together Monday. But in any case, be ya a Father, Have a Father, have lost a Father, hope today can bring some moments of reflection. And I do miss my Father - its been 10 years now.

Day 9. We are moving out June 30th. This past weekend we had a G-Sale, and it is time to just donate what is left. Our Church is having a rummage sale in a few weeks, so the timing is good! (Plus, there will be LOTS of hands to help box and move stuff over there). Last night one of the kids came forward and said they would take Tangles the Cat. This is one detail that Kristi and I have been very worried about, as we can in no way see her enjoying life on the boat - moving or not. And the alternatives were not acceptable either (this whole deal is not her doing..) So, both Kristi and I are relieved that she finding a home.

I have been finding some job postings that look like a potential fit. So far, 4 no replies, 2 No Thank You's and one who REALLY wants to hire me (long story short, I would be perhaps one of 50 people in the US with his looked-for qualifications, so great fit), but he is not able to get the rec opened for an outside hire. Still looking. And the SNIA-GSI stuff is starting to heat up. The EPA announced their intention to extend the ENERGY STAR label to large storage systems. SNIA GSI just offered to pay my costs to attend a July work session in San Jose. Through all of this lay-off stuff, it does feel positive that people still see value in my contributions :-)

As to our future home, well it is a mess. Given the work (err, destruction) to remove the water tank, and the unexpected haul out last week (and destruction to gain better access to the replaced frames) I have made NO progress on Viking Star for the past three weeks. We are going to rent a small storage unit and move the Boat Stuff there for staging (afraid to leave it in the back of the truck at the moorage, things get broken into way too much there). This week I think I will try to: Cut the port aft cabinet parts as well as parts for all the drawers. Perhaps mill up some Mahogany for trim, at least what I think I will need. Mill up the aft cabin door and frame. This is the last week with easy access to a table saw. Maybe get some of this glued up? That will be about it, as the rest of the focus will be to get the house emptied and ready for the new owners.

Day 9, and counting.

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