Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Goodbye, Tangles

Tangles is my 15-year-old cat. That means she has been with me for nearly a third of my life. HER life began in a blackberry bramble on the Fourth of July. She also has a 'knot' in her tail. Two reasons for her name.

But tomorrow she becomes part of my past, and she will have no more future.

When our lives began changing fast last year, and especially when we sold our home, Tangles' life began to change also. She doesn't adapt well to changes, so we knew she wouldn't like life on a boat. After trying for a month to find her a quiet no-child atmosphere, Casey and Richard stepped up and said they would take her. Granddaughter Madalyn spent much of her time at our house 'finding the kitty', so we thought keeping her in the family would be best.

But, as many have experienced, Casey and Richard have had a hard time making ends meet, and they are moving in with his mother. Which leaves Tangles without a home again. And this time, we can find no one to take her. No one wants a 15-year-old cat with a hairball problem.

So, tomorrow, Tangles' life will end. And we will carry her to a resting place next to Troy's pet rabbit, Bear. I have missed her alot this past six months. And I have been missing her alot more the last couple of days. And it will be even more tomorrow.

Goodbye Tangles.