Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chipping away,

This week have been focusing on the inside of Viking Star.  Specifically:  we ordered a couple of sheets of Formica and are replacing the counter tops, plus new tops in the aft cabin.  The pattern Kristi picked out looks very nice against the varnished Mahogany.  Am about 2/3 completed with this project, just need to finish up some banding on the main table, make fiddle rails for almost all, and do the forward head.

Have also been cutting, and now painting drawers to fit into the cabinet  frames I made last summer.  To date we have just been using them as shelves, drawers will make them much more efficient in their ability to hold stuff.  Made up 12 drawers.  It takes about 3 hours to put one coat of paint on them, and I hope to do the last coat on tomorrow.  Then give them a good solid 2 weeks to harden up before we start using them.

Am about to finish up on the design of the anchor platform, and the welder says he might be able to get started on it in two weeks.  Need to replace the seals in the Windlass, as well as paint it.  Then ‘just’ the matter of installing it all back together!

This weekend Kristi and I are going to the Seattle Boat Show.  Based on the really poor Portland boat show (it was like walking through one of those movies where everyone was taken by aliens, and just the things were left…) not sure what to expect.  But we still need to get immersion suites and a life raft.  Then I am off to San Jose for the week to make some $  (Got to pay for this stuff somehow).

And final, we ordered the cork flooring to use on the soles.  This will take about 6 more weeks to come in, so figure the 1st part of April will be Cork Weeks! 

And well, that should be about it for stuff that NEEDS to get done before we leave.   Oh, and perhaps a couple of doors for the aft cabin:  Cabin door, and head door J

Oh, and stuff the rest of our Stuff onto Viking Star. 

And does anyone know where I can get a Metric hose barb?  M10-1.25 --> 10m hose?  Tuff to do here in the states it seems...

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  1. So this was the list as of Dec. 5. How's it coming?

    1. Wire up backup inverter

    2. Install larger battery bank

    3. Install Hydronic Heating system

    a. Hurricane

    b. Finish piping, circulation pump

    c. Interface to Motor and generator

    d. Interface to Diesel Stove

    4. Finish Generator

    5. Install water maker

    6. New Anchor platform

    a. Platform

    b. Rebuild Windlass

    7. Propane Locker

    8. Decks

    a. Devil Seam

    b. Bungs on deck

    c. Install aft cleats

    d. Move aft spring cleats to mid-ship

    9. Sand / refinish lazzorete

    10. Finish Lazzorete Hatches

    a. Framing

    b. Rain water system

    c. Finish Hatches

    d. Install locking system

    11. Install wood access hatch in aft cabin

    12. Finish Aft Cabin

    a. Finish trim around Hatch

    b. Insulation

    c. Headliner

    d. Trim around top

    e. Drawers

    13. Install aft head

    a. Door

    b. Head

    c. LectraSan

    14. Kitchen

    a. Cook stove

    b. Doors

    c. Polish Diesel Stove

    d. Banana Hanger

    e. Framing around refrigerator

    15. Soles (cork)

    16. Overheads in Main cabin

    17. Forward Cabin

    a. Overheads

    b. Trim

    c. Sink counter top and faucet

    18. Wash down system

    a. Raw water

    b. Fresh water

    19. Aft external shower

    20. Leaks

    a. Fly bridge

    b. Forward cabin around deck?

    21. Repair rotten framing Port side

    22. Trim and racks

    a. Forward helm station: Binoculars, Handheld, etc.

    23. Install SSB

    24. Procure EPIRB

    25. Dingy

    26. Sliding Door Locks

    27. Install AIS

    28. Install computer

    29. Flopper Stoppers

    a. New Mast

    b. Outriggers

    c. Flopper stoppers themselves

    30. Rain / Sun shades