Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drawers A-drying

This photo is of the 14 drawers I built for the aft cabin cabinets.  Polyurethane paint is great stuff.  Tuff, thick and shiny coating.  I use Rodda Fast Dry Floor and Deck Poly paint by the gallons.  Over the years I tried ‘Boat’ Poly paint, and a few other Poly paints.  I find the Rodda paint to work well, wear long, and be economical at under $35 a gal.  I am sure there is something magic in the Boat Poly paint, but at $150+ a gallon, I just have not found out what it is…

There is a downside.  Poly paint takes a few days to dry, and in the winter like this, about a week.  And even after drying, it takes several weeks to harden up.  So, we are babysitting the drawers in the apartment while they cure.

They do not make the best of roommates. 

They smell.

Even after a week of drying in the garage, they still smell.  So, we have cracked the windows some and will tuff it out.

Someone ask how ‘The List' was coming.  Having been around Engineers most my life, I am somewhat used to this.  Guess those with a stong accounting background also like lists, and to bring them up every once and a while to Just Check.  Well, we are heavy into prioritizing.  We have about 2 months left, leaving a little wiggle room.  Drivers are (in priority order):

  •        Must Do to Live/ Use:  Must have the water back on, Must have the propane stove back in, Must have storage completed.  Must have the anchor back installed.
  •       Must be off boat to do:  new cork flooring is the obvious one here, Varnishing and Painting MIGHT fall into this, though I am sure folks Varnish and sleep on the deck..
  •       Would be great to have:  trim and new Formica done, or large parts of it.
  •        Need table saw for:  Cutting the overheads, cutting the new doors for the aft cabin, aft head…

These have been driving my actions for the past few weeks.  As we get closer, will decide what is in the Short Stokes vs. what will Just Not Get Done Before We Leave…  (ala:  Water maker)

Those who might be reading, there is lots to do.  Fridays are good days to drive a few loose ends to close ;-)

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