Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Arg, Stuff…

OK.  Stuff has been a common topic for the past year or so.  Even when one tries to reduce the amount of Stuff they have, there is still some Stuff that is rather useful..  Wallet, Clothing are useful.  Viking Star is a bit useful for where we are heading.  Anchors, Wife, Batteries-- all this Stuff is useful and appreciated (some more than others).  So, it always amazes me when that Just Oh I Need It Now stuff cannot be found.

We have a 45’ boat and a small apartment with a one car garage.  And yet, Stuff…

The Stuff of Focus this morning are the parts needed to refresh the Windlass.  Mostly the Seals, but also the chain stripper that I removed when changing the wildcat two years ago.  It has been carefully placed in a box to keep it all together.  It lived on top of the Alaska Yellow cedar planks in the garage at the house, and in the V-Berth after the house was not ours.

Now I could really use it, and it is nowhere to be found.


Well, know what a good part of this afternoon will be about J

Here is a short list of what is being focused on at this time:
Anchor platform
Stainless Steel is at the welder
Need to cut the boards to complete the platform
Need to finish stripping the bow, and fit the base for the anchor platform
Need to reassemble the Windlass and paint it.

Strip and clean the galley sink
Reinstall galley sink
Set and install aft sink and counter
Cut fiddles, install and vanish
Pull forward sink, install new Formica, and reinstall sink

                Finish the galley stove install
                Install regulator and cut-off valves with switches

Purchase, cut, then paint drawer faces
Purchase and install drawer pulls.
Cut, install, and varnish trim around drawer openings.

Steering Ram
                Parts on order for physical connection of new Ram
                Need to size and procure hoses for new Ram

Next up?
Doors and framing of same in aft cabin
Drill and install door locks on side sliding doors, aft cabin hatch as well
Cut Devil Seam filler blocks
Cut platform for aft cleats
Cut overhead panels, install later
Cut wood trim and prep sole (floor) for cork
Aft head?

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  1. Golly, I see no one commented on "stuff", seems I recall a very good routine from George Carlin about "stuff". It is all my stuff, but everyone elses shit...as in get your shit out of my closet! Argh, you scurvy dog...your shit is all over the deck!
    Oh well...