Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finishing up some projects!

The Last Mile, The Last Yard, the Final Details.  Always seem the hardest.  Am closing in on several projects and thought would share an update.   The way I approach projects is largely driven by priority, and then availability.  Example:  I cannot Varnish until the Bung are trimmed, they cannot be trimmed until the glue dries. Cannot install the sink until I purchase a drain.  Obvious, right?  But due to this sequencing, several projects are in-flight at once.  A typical day I will go to the boat, work for about 4 hours all the while making up a purchase list.  Then an hour (or 4, arg) out for Lunch and picking up supplies / materials.  Then back to the boat.
Past couple of days several of the in-flight projects started closing.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday I accomplished:
  • Counter tops all on, caulked the edges. 
  • Fiddle rails installed in fore and aft cabins - varnished same
  • Installed new faucets in heads and kitchen.
  • Installed sinks in heads and kitchen – part broke on aft sink drain (pot metal  flange nut).  Here is where progress tends to stop:  We spent 3 hours trying to find a new flange nut, seems this one is unique in size.  Did find one as part of a $20 kit for another drain at a local surplus shop, but even through the clock is ticking I find it hard to pay $20 for a cheap pot-metal nut.
  • Trim on aft cabinets installed, 1st coat!
  • Remounted aft fire extinguisher
  • Installed new aft smoke/Co detector
  • Medicine Cabinet installed over aft sink
  • Last coat Varnish on bed pillar (water tank) decorative skirts.
  • Reinstalled and powered on new computer
  • Located place for AIS
  • Installed SSB control head
  • Both the boat and the new-to-us UAB received their Vessel Safety Inspection.  (Thank your Rick R. of Beaverton Sail and Power Squadron)
  • Some more work on hydronic heating system (Finished mounting clips for mid-ship pipe runs)
  • Kristi and I looked at the finish plate for the stove pipe, talked about tiling options for it.
  • Cut the riser blocks for the aft cleats – located them on the aft deck .  Will given them a few days to see how we like it before I actually drill holes
  • Cut about 75% of the beveled covering blocks to be placed over the devil seams – 2nd photo.  (I can fit them after we ‘cut the cord’, but need the table saw to mill the wood.)
  • Cut about ½ the wood for the anchor platform
  • More cleanup around bow in preparation for new anchor platform

Next few days?
  • Finish varnishing aft cabinet trim.
  • Purchase, cut, paint, and install drawer faces for aft cabin drawers.
  • Start on ‘night stands’
  • Start on door frame to aft head.
  • Start on sole (floor) prep – Cork material should be here in a couple of weeks
  • Mount SSB Antenna
  • Finish up some of the last efforts on the prior projects:  Aft sink drain, trim around galley sink, install aft cleats, cut up and remove that plastic part that got ‘built into’ the aft cabinet J

Big Focus in the coming week will be:  Install the drawers, floor prep, anchor platform, night stands.  But am sure will fill in around that with several smaller projects, like finish the Propane locker, make a small covering board for behind the new propane cook top, oh – bring power to the propane cook top, paint and install the kitchen cabinet door.  I am sure will find stuff to keep busy. . .

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