Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yes, I'm still 'on board'!

It has been a long while since I have made a written contribution to this blog, so I thought I should post something to let you know that I am still around!

Al does the majority of the work on the boat, so of course he is proud to be showing and telling of all the progress.  And I am proud of him too.  The boat is getting more and more comfortable, and I am getting more anxious to begin full-time life aboard.

The new formica has gone a LONG way to dressing the boat up.  For a long time, the boat has felt to me like more of an 'old camper', with chipped and stained counters and table, sinks with epoxy and paint, and leaky faucets.  Now there is a beautiful marble-look formica that matches throughout.  The sinks have been removed, cleaned and polished, and reinstalled.  And finally!  I have a mirror larger than 2X2!  The new medicine chest has been installed over the aft sink station.

My work continues mainly as an opinion-giver, go-fetcher, and a cleaner-of-messes.  I have said, the boat is a wood shop. I am getting tired of the insidiousness of saw dust!

But lots of projects are being completed!  One big one, that I am looking forward to greatly, is the new flooring.  The cork should arrive sometime this week.

Al has been working on the fronts for all those drawers you have seen 'curing' in our apartment living room.  The drawer pulls are waiting in a package at my daughter's house for us to pick up.  So in a week or so, we can put the drawers IN and begin filling them.

That is one thing I continue to worry about:  HOW are we going to get all that is our apartment and garage onto the boat, and PUT AWAY?  Recently when I noted to Al 'I have been worrying...'  he said 'Again?!'  He's got a plan, and I remember how he basically moved the whole household of stuff last June by himself.

He works well on his own, but give him a deadline, and he usually gets the job done!  And that's just what he's done, especially since we set the dates.  He is just plugging away, and I'm cleaning up. And doing a little bit of cheerleading.  Yay Al!  Go Al!


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