Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cork flooring!

After sanding the floors, Al began to apply wood trim around all hatches, and onto all the hatch covers.  This will protect the cork tiles from damage of removing and replacing the hatch covers.

Here Al is applying the very first of the cork tiles.

Here are the two largest hatch covers in the main cabin, as they will lie together.  If you note the hole in the big one, don't worry.  Some sort of decorative but functional trap-door pull will be installed there.

I am SOOOOoooooo excited to see this progress!  Don't you think it is turning out beautifully?!  Al is at the boat as I write, putting the final coat of varnish on the trim around the hatches.  Tomorrow he may begin laying tiles on the boat.  Once all the tile is laid there will be a top coat sealer to apply, and at that point we should not walk on it for at least three days--the reason this project must be completed before we move aboard.


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