Friday, March 19, 2010

Its been a year..

Or a year and a couple of months to be a bit more accurate, but we can call it a year since That Day.  In that year a few things have changed: we sold the house, gave away almost all our possessions, worked hard to get the boat in a more livable condition, and moved forward.  So, what has it been like this last year+?  A few thoughts.

Biggest change?  Time:  Kristi and I have much more time together.  We go for walks together, shop together, movies, coffee, most everything together.  Our mornings are relaxed – we get up, have coffee, make breakfast, watch some TV and check the internet.  Unless we have something pressing planned we get going by 9 or sometimes 10.  I am fortunate to have someone I love to spend time together with.

Fear: Personal Economic Fear – like it or not, Money is a core commodity in ones life.  We are all living through the most severe economic downturn that I have ever known, and by most accounts the worst one since the Great Depression.  The fall before That Day, Kristi and I had settled on a plan – dump the house and move to the boat.  Even so, we were not in a great space.  Unemployment helped some, getting out of the house helped a LOT.  Over the past year my consulting job has helped, and the investments have done well. (the Financial Hail Marry looks to be a success!).   This was not my 1st time being laid off (hazard of High tech I suppose), and I do remember sharing with folks that I had faith things would work out.  Looking back over my short life I can see that when I had a need, it was filled in some way (and not just Financial needs BTW), so I was taking Faith in that things would work out. I am fortunate to have a belief system which allows me to have Faith, that I am being watched over and was not alone in all this.

Boat:  It always surprises me how slow things move in the boat.  Sure, a lot has been done,  still she is not done.  Maybe this has something to do with the getting going by 9 or 10 thing!  Even so I am mostly happy with the progress to date.  A bit concerned about the excess weight on the nose; perhaps can adjust the ballast some to compensate.  She is getting close, I am fortunate to have a worthy craft and some level of skill to be able to make desired changes to her.

Family:  We have seen the Children get a year older and wiser, along with us it seems J.   Grand Kids get a year older and wilder!   Family work through Cancer, accidents, illness.  And some showing signs of an additional year more than others.  (I did hoist a Pint to my God Mother this Saint Paddy’s day…)  Some have had it tougher than others;  in the end we have one more Family member as a year ago.   Actually  more if we count extended family!  And all are finding a way to make it through the days.  I am fortunate to be connected with a diverse group of folks -- we are not meant to be alone.

Anxiety:  OK, this one is more about the last 10 years then the last year.  We are about one month from Pulling the Plug, and despite having worked towards this goal for a long time it IS a big change.  And there is STILL a lot to get done on the boat.  So I find myself anxious at times.  But then I remember this is not a final change, we can always choose to take a slip in the future, or even – awk  –  some other larger change.  I remember that no matter what, things will work out. There will always be some way to accomplish the rest of the projects on the boat; it just might be less convenient getting materials and supplies.  This is about the Journey, not the destination.  Or maybe a journey is a series of destinations, or, well, something like that.  In the end I am excited to be making this last transition, am sure will get the Anchor and Cork installed in time, and mostly:  I am fortunate to have someone I love to take this journey with.

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