Friday, January 22, 2010

A bit of bragging.

Ok, have been into this Boat Thing for a while.  And one thing I have always valued is training (not that training alone is sufficent, one does need to get out there and get their feet wet!).

This week I received the following placard highlighting the highest level of acheivement available in the United States Power Squadron, their Educational Achievement Award.  This in short means I have taken ALL the classes offered by USPS and am considered one of their highest members.

It has taken about 10 years to get to this point, and I will say I am a bit proud of it.  Combined with the experience we have had with Viking Star, and much more to come, I feel Kristi and I are off to a good start.

FYI:  Kristi has also taken many USPS classes.  In fact, she has taken through the Advanced Piloting, plus Weather.  These two levels will be a good match for any of the cruising we do within 50 miles or so of  the shoreline, or shall we say most of what we are planning on doing in the near term.  If we take a trip to Hawaii, well, I guess my Navigation training will come into play :-)


  1. Al...rather, CAPTAIN have every right to be proud. You've worked hard and diligently for this. Congratulations.

  2. Hi there! Your brother Gary just sent me a message on facebook after noticing he and I shared a friend in common.(Tanya) He then noticed I live in Vancouver and thought you might like to get together for a coffee and a girl chat about your adventure.(ye i am female!)
    if you would like to meet anytime for a visit, let me know

    Deneen Cook