Friday, August 28, 2015

Maintenance Cruise

After we dropped Madalyn off in Olympia, we provisioned and hightailed it to Oro Bay.

Meet Bronson, acquired at the Dancing Goats coffee shop.  They use Batdorf and Bronson Coffee.

It was time to wrap up the boat projects that became bigger than we thought they would when started. We intended to just take a few days, but ended up staying for an entire week, mixing in plenty of relaxation in the perfect weather.  We never got off the boat.

Re-applying the rain gutter on the brow
Notice the ferry in the background.  We wrote about her in a previous post: 

That's quite a gap to putty in, after removing the rot.

Mixing the fairing compound

It looks like frosting!

Not perfect, but a coat of paint seals it up before we start getting significant rains.

The definition of 'cruising':  Fixing your boat in exotic locations.  The day after we pulled in to Oro Bay another boat came and anchored nearby and commenced working on their bright work.  I guess it wasn't an original idea.

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