Monday, November 18, 2013

The Sultan

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you to illustrate why one of the nicknames I have for Al is The Sultan.  The man LOVES pillows!  He believes you can never have too many!  And no matter how many I buy, he uses them ALL!

I would prefer he leave two -- just two -- on the other end of the bench, just for visual balance as much as anything.  But he would pile higher and deeper, if there were more.

When I grew up, I was only allowed ONE pillow.  That was enough.  But now I am blessed to have TWO pillows that are 'mine'.
Until I get out of bed.  Then The Sultan enlarges his 'nest'.

Good thing I love this man!


  1. If you're ever passing through Calgary, make sure you go to this place: The pictures don't do it justice - you lounge on couches piled high with pillows while they serve you Moroccan food.

    1. Wow! That looks worth the visit!!! Al thinks we should visit soon, but I'm not sure how we would like Calgary in January...