Saturday, June 7, 2014

Plans vs Intentions...

noun \ˈplan\
: a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something
: something that a person intends to do
: a detailed agreement for telephone service, medical care, insurance, etc.

verb \in-ˈtend\
: to want to do (something) : to have (something) in your mind as a purpose or goal
: to want (someone or something) to do or be something
: to want (something that you control, provide, or have made) to be used for a particular purpose or by a particular person

For some time folks might have noticed I have a thing against the 'P' word.  When full time cruising, Planning just does not make sense.  Planning to be somewhere at a specific time can be dangerous (weather), and it also gets one into a mindset not appropriate for the Relaxed Lifestyle.  When full time Cruising, Kristi and I found making Plans was just silly.  Things happened, weather happened, boat happened, family happened.  Plans were for the dreamers;  Ever hear the joke how to make God laugh?  Tell him your Plans.

Instead we said we had intentions.  We 'intend' to head towards Pirates Bay next week.  We 'intend' to cruise to the Gulf Islands this Spring, heck, even up to last Fall we were starting to say we 'intend' to look into Desolation Sound the summer of 2014.  (Even using the 'I' word we were careful not to look too far out, a month at a time or perhaps less, seemed about right).

But now that Kristi and I are Dirt Folks for the year I am finding the 'P' word coming into use more and more.  I 'Plan' on flying back to Viking Star August 20th, we are 'Planning' on a Dr. Visit on the 16th.  What are our 'Plans' for this weekend??? Perhaps it is a result of being in a fixed position most all the time, of having roots - roots one can make 'Plans' around.   I know, being a bit silly, but at the same time there is a different energy around the P word vs. the I word.

I like the 'I' word better...

And with all of this we have a new Plan.  Kristi and I are Planning on extending our stay in Minnesota until the 1st week of April 2015.  We will then fly to BVI to join friends on a week-long Big-Cat charter in the Caribbean (hey, not a bad way to get back on the water!).  Then it is back to Friday Harbor, retrieve Viking Star and get her ready for getting back into Intentions...

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