Monday, December 21, 2015

Buying Insurance

In early December there was a salmon derby at Friday Harbor. Over 90 boats were registered to take part.

We were in the port office for some reason, and told the Harbormaster how we love to see the boats depart after the cannon shot on the first morning. It's like magic -- they just go 'POOF!'

The Harbormaster told us she was really excited this year. The derby flag that each boat was supplied and required to fly was a Seahawks flag. She intended to come early and get a photo of all those boats out in the harbor, flying their Seahawks flags, waiting for the cannon.

Well, having recently returned from a visit to the Denver area, Al unthinkingly said, 'Maybe I should fly a Denver Broncos flag....'  (If you check the port's web cam, we are front and center...)

'WHAT?!?!' The Harbormaster nearly flew out of her chair! We heard her muttering 'Your dock lines are accessible, right?'

We decided that we needed to buy some added insurance to keep Viking Star safe in port. We walked uptown and bought a BIG Seahawks 12th Man Flag and hoisted it.

Half an hour later, Al took a call from the Harbormaster. 'This is your port calling to let you know that your request to continue moorage in the harbor has been granted.'

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