Thursday, December 15, 2016

Welcome to the `Cost to Cruise Blog'

Yes, we have been so neglectful of the blog these past months - two posts in two months...  Shameful.

Promise, will work to get another post or two out this week.  Short:  Kristi and I are in the Portland area for Christmas, holding up from the snow and ice...  Have some thoughts on the dehumidifier we are trying out, have made lots of progress on the 3rd generation of the open source Alternator Regulator.  Plus we are ALL going on a diet - Kristi, myself, boat...   So, maybe some things to add..

Till then, here is November's costs:

Viking Star Cost - November 2016

Moorage caught up with us mostly from the deposit at Friday Harbor.  Maintenance/Upgrades is negative this month due to a check we deposited from the surplus seller  (Some rope, an unused anchor - more to say when talking about Diets).  Transportation is high as we took TWO auto trips down to Portland, and of course personal represents the access to internet / shopping after the summer...

OK, there it is.  Year looks a little high, over out in the 20s target.  Will have more on that when I review the total year after December.


  1. Great update on your cost to cruise. I've added you onto the list of blogs who capture cruising costs on our site (

  2. Hey Thank you. Like to see those summary lists of other costs postings. May I suggest you use this URL?