Monday, May 24, 2010


Al loves lists!  Shopping lists, to-do lists, events coming up.  Most days start with my question 'What is the plan for today?'  And I get a nice list in answer.  Sometimes we check off many items, some times not.

But on a boat, the word 'list' has another meaning entirely.  We are noticeably LISTING, in several ways.  Load management is becoming an issue.  The nose is down, due to the hefty anchor platform and 85-pound anchor hanging off the bow.  And several things, including the recently installed washer/dryer have put us off-kilter to starboard.

When I noticed the imbalance, I at first just attributed it to Al sitting in his favorite location on the couch, until I realized--he wasn't even on the boat!  

We will be attempting to shift the load as much as possible, for the summer, but it will be a big winter project to restore balance.  The biggest fix will be in relocating the battery bank.  (Are you ready for THAT, Dan......Dave?)

And by the way, I ran the first test load through the laundry machine yesterday, with success.  


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