Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting into the Short Stokes

Thursday.  We have the slip paid through the end of May, and that is Monday.  Life here has been a bit frantic this last couple of weeks based on moving Stuff, finishing a few projects, and lots of family / friends visits.

Some accomplishments over the past couple of weeks:
  • Stow spare hull planks
  • Install Washer/dryer
  • Install friends Inverter (long overdue promise)
  • Empty overhead storage locker
  • Mast dropped and upgrades started:  new anchor light, install radar reflector (blipper), Upgrade WiFi to Bullet, run new TV antenna wires, refastened mast stay collar
  • Sold old 5hp outboard

Kristi and I also took a big chunk of stuff out of the garage in preparation for being able to park the car in there.

What do we have left to do?
  • Remount the side rail
  • Finish mast:
    • Upgrade block and tackle
    • Install AIS antenna and GPS receiver
    • Run wire for Wind speed sender
    • Raise mast and restow dinghy
  • Service new 3.3hp outboard

Maybe?  Install freezer slides, Tile backsplash behind diesel stove?

And of course deal with the vehicles.  Pickup is being given to my Daughter, and will be handed off this weekend.  Car needs to be shrunk some, or a bit more needs to be cleaned out of the garage.  Then we be off!

And no, other than Blues Fest we do not have any firm plans where to go, or what to do once we leave the docks.  Just as it should be J

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