Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And We're OFF!!!

Off to our adventure, off the grid, off our rockers?
Yesterday we got the car stuffed into the garage, and had dinner with Dave and Carolyn before they dropped us back at the boat.  Just now we topped off the water tank, pulled our dock lines from PacMar Marina, pumped the holding tank, and pulled away. 

At the moment it doesn't seem quite real.  I feel a bit detached, and Al is even a bit speechless.  As he says, we have been working towards this moment for over 10 years now.  And for Al much longer if one counts the years dreaming. 

Viking Star has been at home at PacMar for the past eight years.  I took a photo of our 'naked' slip as we backed out.  Good neighbor, Bob was there to wave us off and wish us well. 

Today is gray, overcast, and drizzling  with the promise of a heavy rain later today and tomorrow.  How fitting for starting an adventure in the Pacific Northwest!
You can now call us River Gypsies, or in a nod to friend Bart, Nautical Nomads.  For the summer, anyway, will we have no other 'home' than Viking Star.  


  1. Non-directional Navigators?
    Columbia Castabouts?
    Willamette Wanderers?
    Pacific Perusers?
    Itinerant iLifers?

    Whatever you are, you're great, and you're off!

  2. Kris and Al,
    We are watching your blog, trying to keep tract of you. Have a great time and keep safe.
    Eunice and Dan Gustafson