Friday, June 4, 2010

End of the week, what's it like? (Here is a hint: Rain Rain, Go Away..)

Have been ‘out’ 4 days now, and what has it been like?  Have been trying to get my head around what is in my head.  Has been a long effort to get here, and like many accomplished goals there is a kind of let-down once achieved.  A kind of ‘OK, Now what’.  I think it will take a few more weeks to square my feelings away, to be honest.  As Kristi commented in the last post, just seems kind of quiet now.

We are currently at the Vancouver City docks, having arrived yesterday.  One of the kids has an anniversary this weekend, so we went and got the car and Kristi is out in Hillsboro babysitting the grandchildren.  This leaves me alone on the boat for the night.  There are several topics to post about: where will we be going in the near future.  How about provisioning?  Energy – a big topic, trash removal, and the ever popular Stuff!  But for now, just working to make it through the days. (which today included tightening the head bowl to the base and cleaning under the whole thing, yuck..)

And then there is the Rain.  And by Rain, I mean RAIN.  Like – should I start collecting two of everything rain.  May finished up with over 200% of the norm, and here we are 4 days into June and we have ALREADY received the normal June rainfall for the entire month! Here is a visual of the earth, see that white streak (err, line of RAIN clouds)  stretching across the WHOLE Pacific?  Those have landed on North America right on top of us the last few days.  And by 'us' I mean Viking Star!    Rivers are high, currents swift, and there is lots of debris in the river - even in the Columbia where we do not often see stuff (I can only imagine what the Willamette is like).  We have fared OK.  There are two small leaks at the forward trunk cabin; one comes down in the head, and the other onto the workbench.  Manageable as both are onto a counter where we can place a tub.  But I can see soaked wood and I am not sure the exact source.  Future Rot in the making.  And of course the bilge is filling with the opened Devil Seams, keeps the bilge pumps busy.

But it has not all been Gloom and Doom (and by Doom, I really mean RAIN).  Tonight cleared off rather nicely.  After dinner of “two Side Golden” Ramen noodles I walked up to the local farmers market which is open tonight.  Not much there (still early in the season), but did pick up a couple of pears and a Boysenberry Scone.  Scone is for my Breakfast with some fresh French Press coffee.  Pear was enjoyed on the aft deck for desert.  Combined with some good Scotch and this view – guess it is has not been that bad of a start.

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