Thursday, June 17, 2010

A bit of a mind shift. . .

Truth be told, we are kind of cheating this whole Cruising thing. We are not really full time cruisers, or at least by some's definition. We plan on picking up a moorage in our port town this winter, and I still have this part time consulting job.

But I don’t know, one quote known by many comes from the Water Rat in ‘The Wind in the Willows’ “…there is nothing – half as much worth as simply messing about in boats” And in that light, we are full timers on the water. And who say’s one must LEAVE their port town to qualify as Full Time Cruisers? Perhaps when we migrate north next spring it will satisfy a more pure definition.

And on another view of mind shift: I have noticed a decided difficult task doing this Cruising thing, and still having an unrelated job. Guys being rather single task oriented, I find it at times difficult to get my mind out of the Boat Life, and into Email, CCalls, review and preparation of documents. Even if it is only 5-10 hrs a week. And once I do make that mind shift, takes some time to shift back. . . .

Oh, the challenges of those who choose this life style!

p.s.: Another quote I picked up along the line: "... a good traveler is not intent on fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. " – Lao Tzu –

Yup, I like that one a lot.

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  1. Kristi, Al,
    We are enjoying your entries. What a change in lifestyle. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Eunice and Dan Gustafson