Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day - Is this really paradise?

Sayings, there are lots of them.  One saying goes "Cruising is defined as: Fixing and Repairing your boat in exotic locations".  Now, we are not exactly in what one would readly refer to as an 'exotic' location, but the Fixing and Repairing things continues...

Today's task:  I need to swap out a head (toilet) pump that I replaced the other day. Last Thursday I removed the old pump, replaced the duckbill and flapper valves, and installed a spare unit that I had previously renewed all the seals in, greased it up, and had it ready just for this occasion.  Well, the new one is not working well.  Not sure if it is due to sitting for so long after being 'renewed', or if it is just worn out.  But it is bleeding between the Used water and the New flush water.  Will leave it to your imagination what that means, but it is not what we want.

I need to remove this pump and either fix it or replace it with another.  Just like I did last Thursday, only this time the whole unit is umm  contaminated.  Fun, and no picture.

Ah yes, we are living the life :-)

Happy Fathers Day to all!

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