Thursday, June 17, 2010


We are at the public dock at Riverplace in downtown Portland.  We have been on both the inside and the outside of the finger parallel to the shore previously, and rode it out well.  But this time, we are on the outside of the dock straight out of the ramp.  Boy, do we seem to catch the waves!

In fact. yesterday after our walk-about-town, we returned to Viking Star to find a bit of a mess.  The two 'bread boxes' and the bag containing our paper goods had slid off the top of the refrigerator. Contents were spread all down the stairs to the aft cabin.  And Al said 'Whatever you do, don't put it back the same way!'  I ended up using a couple of precious gallon ziplock bags and sorted plates and napkins into a holiday pack and a generic pack, and they are simply tucked into the cupboards above, beside or behind pots and pans.

Other items had slid from other positions, but not disastrously.  As I told a friend recently, we are still learning many things!

Al and I had a good conversation of ideas to improve storage in the v-berth.  Hooks and hammocks are on the list, and we plan to make a trip to a nearby hardware store soon.

Another side effect of the 'bumpiness' of our present location -- 'land sickness' has intensified.  I am sitting at Borders, enjoying a mocha and the internet, but the table and chair keep lurching around!

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