Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some Men strive to Great Things, and every once in a while we have the honor to meet one.

David Livengood.

Last week we noticed a man who appeared to be planning to jump from the dock near our boat into the Willamette River, on purpose! (Locals will understand what a brave act this can be.) Al spoke with him briefly and learned that he enjoys endurance swimming and running triathalons. Normally he leaves his gear on the dock, and had not had a problem with people disturbing it, but Al offered for him to leave his bag onboard Viking Star anytime he departed from the dock and Viking Star was there.

This evening we returned from a shopping trip, spied the gear, and Al noted 'Oh, the swimmer is here!' As we prepared the grill for our newly purchased steak, I saw a red swim cap approaching and gave a wave. Al was present while our friend emerged from the water and soon was knocking on the window for me to come out and meet him. 'He's leaving Sunday for England---to swim the English Channel!'

We quickly became Facebook friends so that we can follow his endeavors. We certainly wish David all the best as he attempts this great acheivement. He informs us that fewer people have successfully swum the English Channel than have reached the summit of Mt. Everest!

Al believes that this is the best of the cruising lifestyle that we have adopted--meeting interesting people from all walks of life, living out their dreams.

David, our wishes are with you!

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