Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Laundry Room!

Al considers it a bit of a 'backward move', but we have rented an apartment.  And it has it's OWN washer and dryer!  Al jokingly said he got me a $600/month laundry room.  And for three days I have happily done laundry to my heart's content.

I have also been venturing into the neighborhood.  Actually, it is already familiar to me, since we are just a couple of  blocks from Cinetopia in Vancouver, where we saw Avatar in 3D last year.  And in the other direction, when we leave the complex, I can see the shopping strip that houses the bagel shop where a group of friends and I attend Sunday Tea.

Al however has not slept well at the apartment. Even with a king-sized bed.  He kisses me 'goodbye' when we climb in, and it wiggles all over when he rolls.

Last night we spent the night at the boat again, and Al slept well!  We will spend another night there so I am that much closer on my drive to Hillsboro tomorrow morning.  And so I can change the sheets to collect MORE laundry!

BTW, we just assumed a lease, which expires the end of March, with the option to rent month-to-month after that.  We will see how it goes, but kind of plan on keeping it through April at this point.

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