Monday, June 27, 2011

General update

Seems the Blog has been very quiet for the past few weeks, sorry for that.  We have been working to clean up things and get ready to head downriver.  It has been a wild few weeks, but there has been  much progress!  On the project side:  Finishing up the Water maker / Generator, Hurricane heater needs about 1 more hour to get the control panel wired.  Aft head has been painted and just need to start installing the platform/head.  Then drill holes and install the hoses.  Bi-fold door is all varnished up and ready to hang.  We have also been working on stuffing things into the boat.  Still a bit more to go (mostly spare lines / anchors, and prop) but to be honest we have lots of stuff piled on the floors, seats, etc.  It is a mess and that needs to get cleaned up.

Furniture is to be picked up Wednesday from the Apartment.  This weekend we made a trip to the kids taking the last of stuff for them.  Garage is also a mess, but much less so then a week ago.  Table saw and surface planer have found a new home. Steam Boat Dave gave us a ride in his van to get the longer items to the boat (plus our two Craig’s List bicycles).    Today and tomorrow will be focused on moving and stuffing junk.

As the water is still high here we still cannot get into the lift deck.  So are looking to head to Ilwaco and use the boat yard there.  We are hoping to start downriver this week – perhaps as early as Wednesday.  Will see. . .

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