Monday, December 10, 2012

The Boat Life

On numerous different occasions recently, I have had to answer the question 'So, how do you like boat life?'  Even from fellow boaters!  And some even put that qualifying word in there -- 'Do you STILL like boat life?'

The other night, after the fact, I read aloud to Al the most recent answer I had sent to a friend in email, and he said 'That needs to be a blog post.'  So here it is....

The friend we are talking about had read the Liveaboard Simulator post, and sent these words:  'Also, reading your blog, The Liveaboard Simulator ... you are amazing, living in those conditions! You never complain, either, at least online. I can't imagine how you do it!'

And the reply I had read to Al: "Al found that years ago, I actually haven't read it yet to see if he said anything different or unexpected. And I really don't feel I have too much to complain about! It's a privilege to live this life, 'retired' at 50, surrounded by beauty. Yes, it can get a little uncomfortable at times, but the benefits outweigh that, most days. My standard answer to the question of how I like boat life is 'It's all been great except for 3 days.' Those three days ARE quite memorable, and though not at all fun at the time, have become part of 'the story'."

I sent THESE words to my cousin this week also:  'Most guys say it's hard to find a woman who is willing to live on a boat, and they cite 'space' as a big reason. But I say, I have a very cozy bed, and I have a place to sit in the main cabin. I have room for my books, and can get internet almost anytime. What more could I want? My view is ever changing, and we are close to nature, and sometimes it is breathtaking.'

And so, you get the idea that I pretty much -- still -- like it.

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