Monday, December 24, 2012

Wearing Santa Hats

What happens when you wear a Santa hat?  People smile, nod their heads, honk their horns, wave.

But what we love most, especially with Al, is the reaction of kids!  All it takes is the hat.  There's no grey beard, or red suit, but kids' eyes get big and round, and so do their mouths.  Some even gasp.  And a few whisper 'That looks like Santa Claus!'

Al says that maybe it's the build.  But, I even had a child in the grocery store  line step around me to look up into MY face.  Yes, the hair is getting more grey all the time, but the worst of it is still covered by the hat.  



  1. Continue to enjoy your journey as I do too.

  2. Hira and Tate ( + Dani). Thank you for the Holiday Wishes, is a time to be thankful and look to the adventures ahead. Has been wonderful meeting all of you, and following your adventures as well. Happy Sailing next year!