Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Man Cave . .

 . .   -OR-   What does a semi-retired tech guy / full time cruiser do when he finds himself land-locked for a year?

Man Cave Station.

Above is a photo of what Kristi calls my "Man Cave" - aka, where Al can disappear to so as to not go totally nuts when SOOO far away from water and his boat!  Here I can Surf the Web at ease (small heater under the table helps).  I also brought along a small amount of my Electronics stuff (tool box, O'Scope, cheap DVOM, Soldering irons, etc..), as well as a couple of laptops.  (Not to let you think I go overboard on Laptops, these are my favorite T43p machines -  cost around $200 each or less - so easy to have more then one..)

Today you can see me getting ready to listen to a SNIA webcast (iSCSI vs. FCoE) to keep my Tech Mind occupied while also working on bringing up the revised PCB for the stand-alone smart alternator regulator project.

Ah Yes, there is ALSO a TV down here - a bit an old one that takes a few minutes to 'Warm Up', provides creative coloring to all the stations, and only gets 12 of them - at least for another month or so until the Cable gets cut for the entire town...

So, Man Cave.   Where Al does all sorts of crazy things!


  1. Enjoyed your visit to Left Bank Cafe and love your boat!

  2. Oh Thank you. And once we burn through our 4 lbs of Pegasus Coffee, will be sure to try some of your custom roasted!

    (Ed note: Yes, this is kind of an exception to the 'No Commercial Comments' rule - we are talking about COFFEE for goodness sakes!)